Apple’s share price continued to rise, and cook’s worth finally exceeded $1 billion

In late March, the recovery of the stock market and the superposition of home ownership led to a large increase in the demand for electronic products, which made the technology giants of US stocks usher in the “golden season”. Four months after the stock price soared, the big four, including Apple’s, released better than expected results at the end of July, showing strong performance, further boosting market confidence. As of Monday’s close, Apple’s share price more than doubled to $450.91 from its march low of $224.37. After becoming the first company to be valued at $1 trillion two years ago, Apple has again won the No. 2 trillion company with a share price rise of nearly 5% last week. According to the latest quarterly financial report, Apple’s revenue in the third quarter was $59.7 billion, up 11% year-on-year. As Apple’s share price continues to rise, CEO Tim Cook finally crossed the $1 billion threshold with his Apple shares and other sources of income in his 10th year as head of apple. < / P > < p > Apple distributes shares to senior officials every year, in part depending on whether the share price outperforms at least two-thirds of the companies in the S & P 500 index. Last year alone, cook earned $125 million from his direct holdings of 847, 969 shares, which he received as part of his pay package. At Monday’s closing price, the shares were worth $382 million. In addition, according to media calculations, Apple’s stock sales revenue, dividends and other compensation have added about $650 million to cook’s net assets. When Steve Jobs died nine years ago, Apple’s market value was only $350 billion, but the market should remember his prediction of Apple’s future before he left office, “Apple has become the greatest money making machine in history”, which is being fulfilled every day. Cook has made great contributions to apple in the past ten years. Data show that Apple’s revenue and profits have more than doubled since cook took over as CEO. < p > < p > market participants commented that although Apple has not launched any groundbreaking new products like the iPhone since his term of office, he has been widely praised for controlling the company’s complex supply chain and overseeing the development of devices such as iPhone X and apple watch, and apple The introduction of new services such as Music and the study of new areas of autopilot have always kept the company flourishing. At the same time, the recent cyclical rebound in US technology stocks against apple and cook is a huge force in the East. Hussein kanji, partner of Hoxton ventures, a venture capital firm, said: < / P > < p > people familiar with the matter say cook will receive his ninth bonus later this month, including 560000 shares, unless Apple’s share price falls suddenly. Excluding 50% of the tax withheld, the rest will add about $100 million to cook’s wealth. Cook, 59, said in 2015 that he planned to donate most of his wealth. He has donated $1 million worth of apple stock, and if some undisclosed charitable donations are not recorded, the actual net worth may be smaller than the current estimate. However, compared with the CEOs of several other technology giants, such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, cook’s 1 billion worth is far from them. < p > < p > at present, Bezos ranks first in the U.S. list of billionaires with a net worth of $187 billion, followed by gates with $121 billion and Zuckerberg with $102 billion. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, though ranked 10th on the list, is far ahead of cook with a $68.7 billion worth. Analysts say that the reason for such a disparity is that several other CEOs, as founders of the company, can accumulate wealth by virtue of their huge shares in the companies they created. Apple is not created by cook. Most of the 847969 shares of apple are from the equity awards they received since joining apple in 1998, which is only in the total number of the company’s equity It accounts for 0.02%, which is negligible. < p > < p > he added that very few CEOs who are not founders can become a billionaire. At present, Apple’s shares are widely distributed among different investors and executives, so although Apple itself is the most valuable company in the world, it has created very few billionaire employees. Science Discovery