Application market share is as high as 50%, goose factory and pig farm rely on tolerance, what should small and medium-sized enterprises do

For example, mobile app stores such as Xiaomi, oppo, Huawei and other mobile phone app stores extract 50% of the game flow as the game through transport, and the remaining 50% is divided by the R & D, distribution and operators. < / P > < p > What’s more, different games have different proportions. This makes game manufacturers particularly unhappy: to make a share, just like the lottery, is to open big or small. < / P > < p > “in fact, this is a friendly interface and honest operation. Otherwise, it is really a heavy tax, Apple will not be so strong application of iron backing. ” A friend of Shule who has been in the game circle for many years said: from this point of view, you really can’t afford to buy all kinds of exaggeration of the game, and it’s not easy to survive. < / P > < p > this friend explained that 30% is actually the hidden rule of the industry for many years. In the field of console games, such as Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Microsoft Store and other channels, the proportion of 30% is adopted. < / P > < p > in the second half of 2020, games such as,, gave up their shelves in mainstream app stores such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and oppo, and took the route of buying content platforms. As a result, they became popular overnight. < p > < p > according to Qimai data, in October 2020, the estimated monthly revenue of app store in China was 45.33 million US dollars and 38.67 million US dollars, respectively. Tencent and two products ranked first in the two games. < / P > < p > in fact, this method was commonly used in PC end games in the past. Through various content platforms, especially game websites, game recommendation or advertising was made to achieve user download and consumption. It was divided into effective click and download diversion with the platform, which belonged to one hammer drainage business. < / P > < p > only in the era of mobile games, due to the emergence of app stores as a channel, on the surface, it is faster, so that most game manufacturers are far away from each other and focus on the promotion of channels. < / P > < p > but before the awakening of Yuanshen and Wanguo, in fact, some game manufacturers promoted on various content distribution platforms through buying volume, but they also launched online in the app store simultaneously. Therefore, by weighing the pros and cons, game manufacturers choose not to go online in the app store, which is based on the trade-off of revenue. Although it does have the effect of Apple tax, Android tax and various app store “retention” reasons. But in fact, it is the balance of interests. < / P > < p > the channel side is strong, because at the beginning of the rise of smart phones, the user’s application installation channel highly depends on various application stores, especially the app store under Apple’s closed system is more exclusive. Under the Android system, due to the complexity of the application, users are considering the safety and convenience, and most of them will choose to download in the app store. < / P > < p > after the rise of security software on PC, its own software management services let users avoid poisoning and application trouble, and finally let Tencent housekeeper and 360 become invisible game giants in the PC era by relying on channels. < / P > < p > it can even be said that the stickiness of app stores in China is so high, which is also due to the effective incubation of soft a management services of various security software. < / P > < p > at that time, several domestic mobile phone manufacturers established a hard core alliance, and hardware manufacturers such as oppo, vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, Meizu and other hardware manufacturers set up a hard core alliance to transport the games. < p > < p > since then, the distribution channels of mobile game developers can be roughly divided into three categories, including mobile phone manufacturers including hard core alliance, third-party application market and purchase channels including video application and information flow application. < p > < p > according to the data of Yiguan Qianfan, in January 2020, the number of monthly active Huawei application market reached 173 million, with a year-on-year increase of 33.95%. App Bao relies on scale to maintain its market position as the largest independent Android channel. In 2019, the market penetration rate of the hard core alliance will reach 65.7%, which is far higher than that of the following channels such as app Bao and 360 mobile assistant. Second, Tencent can’t bear the heavy burden of the game, even if it’s hard for Tencent to bear. < p > < p > in June last year, Tencent proposed a new share ratio for channel providers, requiring that the water channel side and R & D providers of its new games should be divided by 37%, and the proportion of the channel side was reduced from 50% to 30%, and the target was the hard core alliance. < p > < p > in November last year, Netease also participated in the negotiation with the Android channel, requiring that some of its new games can be divided into three or seven points with the Android channel. < / P > < p > in fact, this is just a trade-off. The main buying volume is drainage, and many times the game types and advertisements are not consistent. For example, in the early opening game, Kun and Zhashui were invited to replace them, so as to stimulate users to download with various gimmicks. < / P > < p > in itself, there is no contradiction between the purchase volume or the channel. Even in the view of many game manufacturers, it can be carried out simultaneously and decide which way to increase investment more according to the effect. < p > < p > in late October, the stock prices of game companies such as Sanqi entertainment and Gigabit fell continuously. Some market voices said that the change of capital market might be related to the increase of channel share and purchase cost. I think: the introduction cost of a single customer with a purchase volume has indeed increased a lot, which is the inevitable competition. But the decline in the stock prices of Sanqi entertainment and gibbet is not entirely due to this. However, the reason why more manufacturers follow the buying route is that most of the Games purchased are legendary games or skin changing games, and the game experience is not good, so it is difficult to stay after buying. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing