Applying for trademark and planning to enter PC, vivo and ASUS will have a round of intellectual property game?

“618”, when the 3C digital plate is in full swing, vivo, as the head brand of smart phones, does not seem to put all its energy into the competition of mobile phone sales performance. Instead, it is planning for new product lines, such as applying for trademarks for laptops and tablets that may be launched later. < / P > < p > recently, news about vivo’s intention to enter the PC market came out again, including the content of vivo’s application for relevant trademarks, including “vivobook”, “iqoobook”, “nexbook”, and “iqoo pad”, “nexpad”, etc. Nail technology noted that from the public information query, the application date of the trademark “vivobook” is June 18, 2020. < p > < p > from a series of trademark applications, vivo has clearly planned its product line. According to the judgment of mobile phone business: “iqoobook” focuses on configuration, cost performance, and games. There should be some “forward-looking” technology used in “nexbook” with geek tendency; as for “vivobook”, it will be a relatively universal product that meets more groups, design and color matching, It may be some of the features of the product. After all, although 5g has brought obvious new dividends to many smart phone brands, the overall contraction of the smartphone market is obvious. Although the pattern of PC market is basically fixed, PC is a new incremental business for vivo. < / P > < p > moreover, on the one hand, the performance of Huawei and glory in recent years has proved that new brands have opportunities in the PC market if there are differences in products and technological changes in the face of updated user groups; on the other hand, the layout of IOT is a follow-up strategy for many smart phone brands including vivo, and PC is also one of the terminal elements. < / P > < p > to sum up, nail technology believes that vivo PC should not be a hot topic, but has its own considerations. At the same time, if the technology and products are excellent, it may not have no opportunity based on the extensive users accumulated before. < / P > < p > however, vivo’s entry into the PC field may be a minor episode. Nail technology makes this possibility judgment not from the perspective of products and technologies, but from the perspective of intellectual property rights. < / P > < p > nail technology has noticed that the trademark “vivobook” applied for in vivo is located in category 9 of international classification of trademarks including “computer” category. Some friends should also be familiar with this trademark, “ASUS vivobook”, which is the trademark of ASUS as an “old brand” PC factory. < / P > < p > from the perspective of trademark composition, “vivobook” and “ASUS vivobook” are similar. At the same time, nail technology noted that the application time of “ASUS vivobook” trademark was earlier. It was registered and announced on April 21, 2014, and the exclusive right period will be until April 20, 2024. In theory, “ASUS vivobook” has the attribute of “first”; from the perspective of public information, ASUS vivobook products also have a certain popularity. < / P > < p > in fact, when ASUS launched its vivo book, some netizens raised such a question: is ASUS vivo related to vivo. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?