Approaching virtual reality AR is changing the world

Ar injects new vitality into the development of children’s education products with its rich interactivity. Children’s characteristics are lively and active. The education products developed with AR technology are more suitable for children’s physiological and psychological characteristics. For example, AR books can be seen everywhere in the market now. For young children, the text description is too abstract. The combination of text and dynamic stereo images will enable children to quickly master new knowledge. The rich interaction methods are more in line with the characteristics of children’s lively and active, and improve their learning enthusiasm. < / P > < p > at the same time, when students use AR technology to learn, they are no longer learning by rote, but to experience the learning content and participate in the teaching personally. In this process, students can think of their own relevant experiences and establish a deeper connection with the knowledge they have learned before. Ar education is very consistent with the constructivist learning theory of “learning is a real situation experience”, which allows students to see, listen and do things by themselves, and then naturally activate their brains to think. This will fully mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm, from “want me to learn” to “I want to learn”. < / P > < p > AR technology is widely used in the introduction of museum exhibits, which provides visitors with the introduction of exhibits by superimposing virtual text, pictures, videos and other information on the exhibits. In addition, AR technology can also be applied to the restoration and display of cultural relics, that is, in the original site of cultural relics or incomplete cultural relics, AR technology can perfectly combine the restored part with the remaining part, so that visitors can understand the original appearance of cultural relics and achieve the effect of immersive. < / P > < p > ar guide can also display the panorama of the scenic spot through electronic hand drawn map, realizing the integrated guide service of “electronic map + Intelligent explanation + intelligent guide + panoramic display”. Tourists can realize self-help guide and voice explanation through PC and mobile terminals, so that tourists can choose their itinerary and route freely without relying on traditional guides, and enhance the added value of tourists in every link of tourism consumption, such as food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment. Tourists can easily obtain information, plan travel, book tickets and arrange accommodation consumption before, during and after traveling And so on. < / P > < p > AR technology can help consumers more intuitively judge whether a product is suitable for them, so as to make more satisfactory choices. Users can easily see the effect of different furniture placed at home through AR technology, which is convenient for users to choose. < / P > < p > at the same time, AR technology can provide accurate fitting or trial function according to consumers’ information, and display product information to consumers with 3D effect. Reducing the differentiation caused by product size and its own inappropriate will help consumers form good rational shopping habits and promote the long-term development of online shopping market. < / P > < p > through a large number of data analysis, nearly 41% of users are looking forward to AR shopping store, and 33% of consumers show that using AR to preview products, their purchase desire may be greater. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year