Approaching virtual reality virtual technology enhanced version of XR

Do you know the difference between AR, VR, Mr, Cr and the XR technology mentioned today? Today, we will take you to the first stop of Virtual Reality Series: the application world of XR. < / P > < p > when you walk into a museum, you find that people around you are pointing at the collection with their mobile phones, or they are shaking their heads up and down with VR glasses. It is not that they have gone to the wrong set, but they are witnessing a world of museum exhibitions across dimensions. The navigation technology of < / P > < p > XR will realize the story design. It gives the audience the role selection similar to the game, and provides different guide routes for different roles, and puts forward different clock in requirements for exhibits, so as to bring the audience a differentiated and customized experience. < / P > < p > the immersive intelligent visual effect experience, through the combination of various VR display elements, and the use of innovative multimedia technology, users can feel a new intelligent interactive experience in the virtual environment. < / P > < p > cultural heritage is an important carrier of human civilization inheritance, which plays an irreplaceable role in the long history. With the characteristics of virtual reality combination, real-time interaction and three-dimensional immersion, XR extended reality technology adds more possibilities to the protective communication of cultural heritage. < / P > < p > for example, the 4D ring screen film in the digital exhibition center of Mogao Grottoes, through creating an immersive experience, makes the audience feel the shock of standing at the bottom of the cave looking up at the murals, seeing the fairy dancing and experiencing the elegant beauty of traditional art. < / P > < p > operate immersive science popularization and cultural entertainment experience center, create a high-tech new type of cultural science popularization education and training base, so that more people can participate in learning real science and technology culture and natural culture. < / P > < p > here we can provide more game like experience for the audience, and can interact with the cultural relics of the museum through digital means, motion capture, tracking camera and other technologies. You can choose or create your favorite works of art and project them on the screen and ceiling. Older posts →