APS-C video leader, Fuji x-t3 heat up!

  [PConline Shopping guide] with the advent of we media era, all walks of life have put forward new requirements for video shooting. It is difficult for mobile phones to meet the professional creation needs of multiple scenes and different levels. At this time, it is necessary to purchase a professional camera to solve the problem. Many friends are used to the portability of mobile phones and may think that the full frame camera is heavier. If you want to be light, you may want to consider it With APS-C frame camera, how to shoot high quality video with APS-C frame camera? Let’s talk about it briefly. < / P > < p > in order to make a high-quality video, it is necessary to highlight the main body of the screen, with clear priorities, concise and detailed pictures, and do not let the picture be confused. According to the theme, theme and plot of the story created by the video creator, a comfortable picture needs to be constructed, which requires far, full, medium, close-up shots, and sports mirrors such as push, pull, shake, move and follow Head to shoot, so that the picture more dynamic, more plot. < / P > < p > at this point, if you want a movie like effect, you need the camera’s unique film simulation mode function. Fuji camera, which has been recognized by camera enthusiasts in the industry for its excellent performance in film simulation mode, has “eterna” film simulation mode, supports mixed log gamma, and has the option of shooting simultaneously in F-LOG and film simulation mode, so that you can record “JPG and raw” video formats at the same time. < / P > < p > at the same time, Fuji also developed the acros film simulation mode, which allows you to adjust the warm and cool colors in addition to the black and white style. When it comes to Fuji’s flagship camera series on February, 2020, Fuji’s flagship camera will bring a brand-new picture on February 26, 2020. But surprisingly, with the release of x-t4, the heat of its previous generation x-t3 not only did not decline, but rose in reverse. This situation makes me feel strange. After careful study, it turns out that the x-t4 as an upgraded version naturally has a lot of improvement compared with the x-t3. Whether it is the new five axis anti shake or the 50% increase in endurance time, the x-t3 is a little dwarfed. However, the price of the newly launched products is naturally incomparable to the old products which have been released for nearly two years. X-t3 has attracted new life after comprehensive comparison of configuration prices among consumers. < / P > < p > as a camera launched in September 2018, Fuji x-t3 still has strong imaging quality in terms of photos and videos. It is equipped with 26.1 megapixel x-trans CMOS fourth generation sensor and x-processor fourth generation high-speed processor. This set of configuration is consistent with the latest Fuji x-t4, which also means that x-t3 light has no gap with the latest flagship in image quality. < / P > < p > the powerful sensor makes Fuji x-t3 have extremely strong video shooting ability. It is no exaggeration to say that among APS-C frame cameras, Fuji x-t3’s video shooting ability is ceiling level. Fuji x-t3 supports 4K resolution video capture and 60 FPS mode. HDMI external recording supports 4K 60 frame 4:2:210 bit format, while SD card internal recording is 4K 60 frame 4:2:0 Although shooting with 10 bit format video is not a new thing with 4K resolution now, it is unheard of in APS-C frame for 60 frames of 4K video. Obviously, Fuji x-t3 is ahead of the industry by at least one position in this respect. Some friends may feel that they can’t use the frame rate of 60 frames, but it is certain that high frame rate 4K video must be the development trend in the future. Having high frame rate can also be used to “upgrade” at will in the later stage. It can be said that all video lovers will like the configuration. However, Fuji x-t3 is not without shortcomings in video shooting. In my opinion, it is a great pity that Fuji x-t3 can not be equipped with five axis anti shake fuselage, which is also the main difference between x-t3 and x-t4 in hardware. Five axis fuselage anti shake shooting in the case of weak light still has a great advantage, but to be honest, it is acceptable not to pour. After all, in professional video shooting, who would not carry a professional pan tilt? With the pan tilt, the disadvantage of anti shake of the five axis fuselage naturally does not exist. < / P > < p > of course, Fuji x-t3 is not only outstanding in its video shooting ability, but I personally think its comprehensive performance is very comprehensive and balanced. For example, in terms of continuous shooting speed, the x-t3 can reach 20 shots / s with an electronic shutter, and even 30 shots / s if combined with 1.25 times of cutting. This speed can be on the same level as x-t4. For example, Fuji also provides a very rich film simulation function, which provides bright, soft, pro Neg.Hi A variety of film simulation modes have brought more creativity and inspiration to the shooting. You know, this film simulation function has been coveted by other fans for a long time. After all, the color of Fuji camera is so charming that even I often indulge in it. In conclusion, Fuji x-t3 not only has strong and excellent fuselage performance, image quality performance and video shooting ability, but also has a strong heritage of strong retro style shape design and software performance. All these make the camera, which has been released nearly two years ago, still has a lot of heat. At present, the price of a single camera, which costs only 8499 yuan, is very attractive. Compared with the price of x-t4 11790 yuan, x-t3 obviously makes me more excited. So if you have multiple pursuits of video shooting ability and camera appearance, and the money is not enough to buy x-t4, this x-t3 is a rare good choice! Older posts →