Are these things “black technology” or “big deception”?

Recently, the mobile phone signal “enhancement paste” once on the hot search, it is said that as long as a paste to the back cover of the mobile phone, you can enhance the mobile phone signal. In fact, the mobile phone signal paste has no effect on improving the mobile phone signal. The main factors that affect the strength of mobile phone signal are the distance of signal base station, the density of people flow and the antenna of mobile phone. The so-called “enhancement sticker” for mobile phone signal has neither electric drive nor connection with the built-in antenna of the mobile phone, so it is impossible to increase the signal in space. < / P > < p > in addition, the online claim of “positioning app that can view the location of the other party with one click” has aroused attention again. Experts said that this kind of positioning app uses the principle of triangle positioning, that is, when users log in to a dating software, they use multiple detectors to detect the detected person in different positions, and then use the principle of triangle geometry to determine the location information of the target, so as to make profits. This kind of positioning app actually catches some people’s psychology of trying to obtain other people’s location information, deliberately exaggerates its service effect, and conceals some conditions of its service use to deceive consumers. I would like to remind you that it is illegal to obtain other people’s positioning information illegally, and we must not try willfully. < / P > < p > quantum energy water, quantum insole, quantum air purifier… Nowadays, the market is full of all kinds of so-called “high-tech products” related to “quantum”. As a matter of fact, quantum technology has not yet been related to daily necessities. Almost all the so-called “quantum +” products are deceptive. At present, the research of quantum technology mainly focuses on quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum precision measurement, which has nothing to do with daily necessities. < / P > < p > in addition to the rumors surrounding quantum concepts, dark matter, graphene, gravitational wave and other high-tech concepts are also hard to escape. Graphene can prevent moisture absorption, protect hair, and protect hair These fake technology products are some illegal businesses with the help of “high-tech” label, boasting that the products have magical effect to deceive consumers, we must not be deceived. < p > < p > the Information Office of Haigang district Party committee reminds party members and cadres that we should do this in order to regulate their online behaviors. We don’t have to carry these pots! Reveal the rumors in the seafood industry, it turns out that these are all fake… Light the net, clean the net, protect the net, strengthen the net, create a clean and upright cyberspace. The series of “wechat wechat class” and “wechat wechat class” of “wechat wechat class” of the network information Office of the CPC Haigang District Committee explain for you: how to respond to government public opinion? “Wechat micro class” series: @ party members and cadres, you have a letter of online behavior standard, please check it! Lightly identify the QR code above, and immediately identify Internet rumors= target=_ blank>Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer