Are you a candidate for diabetes?

diabetes incidence rate is higher and higher, it is seriously harmful, it has disability and lethality, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot, diabetic eye disease, diabetic neuropathy, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. < / P > < p > one out of every three diabetic patients did not know that they had diabetes. If you want to find diabetes early, you should first pay attention to the high-risk groups of diabetes. Overweight and obesity: the risk of diabetes in overweight and obese people is 2-4 times higher than that of normal weight people; < / P > < p > 8. Dyslipidemia ≥ 1.70mmol / L), or are receiving lipid-lowering therapy; < / P > < p > diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood glucose caused by insulin secretion and action defects. Diabetic patients are often accompanied by abnormal metabolism of fat and protein. Long term hyperglycemia can cause damage to many organs, especially eyes, heart, blood vessels, kidneys and nerves, or organ dysfunction or failure, leading to disability or early death. For those with diabetes mellitus symptoms such as “three more and less”, and blood glucose ≥ 11.1mmol/l at any time of the day; < / P > < p > 1. It is suitable to eat cereals such as naked oats flour, buckwheat flour, oat flour, corn flour and other staple foods rich in vitamin B, various trace elements and dietary fiber. Long term consumption can reduce blood sugar and blood lipid. Suitable for eating vegetables with low sugar content, such as leek, zucchini, wax gourd, cucumber, tomato, green pepper and eggplant. Cucumber and tomato have low sugar content, which can be used as vegetables and fruits. Appropriate to eat calcium containing food: calcium deficiency will aggravate the condition of diabetic patients. Such as shrimp skin, kelp, spareribs, sesame paste, soybean, milk and other rich in calcium. Food rich in selenium: the physiological activities of selenium and insulin in regulating glucose metabolism are similar. Such as fish, mushrooms, sesame, garlic, mustard and other rich in selenium, they can reduce blood sugar, improve the symptoms of diabetes. Food rich in vitamin B and vitamin C: supplement of these two kinds of vitamins is conducive to slow down the process of diabetic complications, to reduce diabetic retinopathy and kidney disease. Such as fish, milk, cabbage, beans and mustard, cabbage, green pepper, fresh jujube and other high content. In addition, pumpkin, Momordica charantia, onion and Monopterus albus can significantly improve the symptoms of polydipsia, overeating and polyuria, and can reduce blood glucose and regulate blood glucose concentration, so it is suitable to eat more. It is not suitable to eat all kinds of sugar, such as candied fruit, canned fruit, soft drink, juice, jam, ice cream, sweet biscuit, sweet bread and sugar pastry, because these foods contain high sugar and are prone to high blood sugar. It is not suitable to eat high cholesterol food and animal fat, such as animal brain, liver, heart, lung, waist, egg yolk, fat, butter, pig and sheep oil, etc. These foods are prone to increase blood lipid and atherosclerosis. No drinking: alcohol can make blood sugar fluctuate, and serious hypoglycemia can occur when drinking a lot on an empty stomach, and drunk can often cover up the performance of hypoglycemia, which is not easy to find and very dangerous. Diabetes is a kind of “diabetes” of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly due to deficiency of Yin in the body, weakness of the five internal organs, improper diet, fat and sweet food, emotional disorder and excessive desire for work, which leads to dryness and heat of the lung and stomach, deficiency of both qi and Yin, deficiency of kidney yin, long course of disease, yin and Yang damage and deficiency of both yin and Yang. Therefore, TCM Prevention and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation and treatment of Qi and blood Yin and Yang. < / P > < p > for those who are busy with work, do not have too much time to receive treatment in the hospital, or are afraid of taking traditional Chinese medicine, the method of making tea with traditional Chinese medicine can be used for self-care and early prevention and treatment. Diabetic patients often have symptoms such as weakness of movement, weakness of waist and knee, chilly limbs, numbness and pain of hands and feet. In view of these people, we can use Chinese medicine external treatment, that is, Chinese medicine foot soaking method for prevention and treatment. < / P > < p > once or twice a day, the temperature should be between 37 ℃ and 40 ℃. It should not be too high to prevent scalding. Each time, it should not exceed 20 minutes. If there is diabetic foot ulcer damage or infection, it should be prohibited. Nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, drug therapy, health education and blood glucose monitoring are the five comprehensive treatment measures for diabetes. Diabetic patients should take measures to reduce blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, adjust blood lipid, control body weight, correct bad habits, such as smoking cessation, which can significantly reduce the risk of diabetic complications. < / P > < p > good at: diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its chronic complications, metabolic syndrome, hyperuricemia and abnormal lipid metabolism and other metabolic diseases, Hashimoto, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and other postoperative thyroid diseases, endocrine disorders and sub-health TCM treatment. Older posts →