Are you hungry? Behind the upgrade, Ali is playing a big game in the digitalization of the service industry

some time ago, hungry and Alipay have completed their respective upgrading. The former is upgraded to life service platform, while the latter is upgraded to open digital life platform. Behind the two upgrades, what is revealed is Alibaba’s ambition to enter the digital service industry. < / P > < p > in 2018, Alibaba made a wholly-owned acquisition of US $9.5 billion, creating the largest acquisition in the history of Chinese Internet at that time. At that time, the outside world was curious about the chemical reaction between hungry Mo and Alibaba. Zhang Yong, then CEO of Alibaba, used a very vivid metaphor: “in the past, everyone in the field of local life services were scrambling for the second floor. In the future, if you are hungry, you can directly stand on the sixth floor.”. < p > < p > Zhang Yong’s words imply two meanings: one is that after being integrated into Ali ecology, hungry Mo will evolve itself into a platform with higher dimensions under the collaborative effect of the group; the other is that hungry Mo will combine with ALI platform with higher dimension, so as to realize dimension reduction attack on competitors. < p > < p > a few months ago, CEO Wang Lei said in an interview with the media that “the connection with ALI economy is much larger than I expected. But most of all, we are now on the third floor. < / P > < p > hungry? The most obvious change should be that it has completed a new round of digital upgrading, transforming from a delivery platform to a life service platform that can meet the needs of all users. In addition, hungry has become the first entrance of Alipay’s top page, and has the advantage of Alipay’s traffic.

many view that the upgrading of hunger and the combination with Alipay are directly directed towards the US mission. Because you’re hungry, it’s been pulled apart by meituan in volume. According to questmobile data, as of December 31, 2019, the number of users of meituan daily living has reached 69.8586 million, while the number of users of hungry daily living is 10.97 million, which is far lower than the former. In addition, meituan also performed well during the epidemic, and its market value exceeded 100 billion US dollars for the first time in May this year. So when hungry, after discovering new opportunities, we decided to expand the category of platform products, combine with Alipay, find a new growth track in the broader market space and launch a more comprehensive competition with the US group.

indeed, the escalation of hunger and the entrance of Alipay’s huge traffic will inevitably lead to a more intense competition with the US group. However, Wang Lei believes that the upgrade of hungry Mo is actually a strategic upgrade relying on Ali group. He said that in the past two years, Ali has been investing in digital infrastructure, and Ali’s ecological economy has gradually opened up. As a result, it also has aircraft carrier class consumer groups and is accelerating on the digital upgrading track. How to accurately understand Wang Lei’s description? After combing the digital strategy of Ali group, the author finds that to understand the upgrading of Alima group, we have to look at it from two aspects: it is not only a self evolution, but also a part of the digital strategy of Ali group’s service industry. < / P > < p > on the one hand, from the perspective of its internal development, it fully conforms to the “double helix theory” put forward by Zeng Ming, chairman of Ali academic committee, that is, if an Internet enterprise wants to grow into a valuable enterprise, it needs to continuously promote the “network collaboration + data intelligence” dual wheel drive. The upgrading of hungry men follows this strategic trajectory.

, on the other hand, the escalation of hunger is inseparable from Alipay’s strategic transformation. Recently, Alipay upgraded to a digital life development platform, began to weaken financial attributes, strengthen digital life attributes, and move towards digitalization of service industry. In this process, hungry and Alipay have been very closely integrated. In essence, the escalation of hunger is a profile of Alipay’s strategic transformation. < / P > < p > the upgrade to a life service platform falls in four aspects: from meal delivery to providing all-round services for city life, personalized recommendation, content-based interaction and member system upgrade. The hungry slogan has changed from “good but not expensive, delicious” to “what you love, what you want”. < / P > < p > after upgrading, users can buy fresh vegetables, flowers and plants, beauty daily necessities and other kinds of products, as well as bar, karaoke, manicure and hairdressing, car maintenance, medical services, etc. in addition to catering. Obviously, if you are hungry, you not only want to deliver food, but also want to reach consumers by sending everything to create “economy around you”. < / P > < p > in addition to expanding product categories, the emphasis of this upgrade is to add digital codes. In the latest version of the app, content interaction and personalized recommendation have been greatly increased. For example, the column of “discovery” is renamed “Zhenxiang”, which is divided into three sections: “pay attention”, “recommend” and “short video”. Users can see the goods or services more intuitively through pictures, short videos and live broadcast, while businesses can operate products and brands in a more visual way through the content. In addition, after the “food take out” channel and “nearby recommendation” column in the app are revised, the recommendation of businesses and products will become more intelligent. < / P > < p > obviously, connecting everything and digital recommendation have become the two key points of upgrading. This year’s epidemic is undoubtedly the biggest trigger for this escalation. Prior to that, the demand for products and services has been changing, that is, in addition to takeaway, the demand for goods, medicines, flowers and other categories is also growing. This year, a sudden epidemic has accelerated the outbreak of this demand. According to Wang Lei, the proportion of takeout for many hungry merchants was only 10% – 20% before the epidemic, and increased to more than 60% during the epidemic period. In addition, during the epidemic period, the overall number of businesses increased by 30%, and the growth rate of non catering businesses was faster, including the number of pet stores increased by 6 times, and the number of maternal and infant stores increased by more than 3 times. < / P > < p > while upgrading the strategy of famo, Ali’s local life centered on famo is also upgrading its own organization. The first is the expansion of the membership of the organization. In February this year, Ali local life service company announced its wholly-owned acquisition of SaaS solution provider customer cloud, which can provide businesses with efficiency improvement tools and services covering the whole process of catering and consumption. < p > < p > after the acquisition, Ali’s local life service company has formed a four in one layout: hungry home business, word-of-mouth to store business, hummingbird local instant delivery and customer like cloud digital tools. Then on March 6, Ali local life service company also announced a new round of organizational structure adjustment: word of mouth and hungry moo merged and adjusted into three business groups and three business divisions. < p > < p > Zeng Ming once raised a question: what factors drive the world’s major Internet giants, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent, to become the most valuable Internet companies in the world? After careful study, he came to a conclusion that the power behind it is the double helix network collaboration and data intelligence. < p > < p > in the past two decades, in the initial stage of the development of the Internet, the source of value of many network platforms comes from the network effect, that is, the value of the platform is related to the scale of users. Platforms such as Taobao, wechat and Google have great value based on the network effect. The greater the number of users, the greater the value of the network, logistics, communication, trade networks are the same. However, the simple network effect can not drive the society to continue to create great value, and the network synergy is more needed in the future. The so-called network collaboration, in fact, is an innovative mechanism of social division of labor and cooperation. It uses the Internet to digitize more work, and finally forms a collaborative network and produces synergy effects. For the traditional scale effect, synergy effect can achieve dimension reduction by virtue of diversified advantages. Therefore, the future network platform to create greater value, it is necessary to create more complex collaboration. < / P > < p > in the process of creating collaborative networks, the network platform will precipitate massive data. The platform uses these data to improve the accuracy and efficiency of decision-making is data intelligence. Conversely, data intelligence can mobilize the enthusiasm of other businesses to join the network platform, thus promoting the expansion of collaborative network. Network collaboration and data intelligence are complementary. For example, Taobao is a “network collaboration + data intelligence” two wheel drive enterprise. Initially, Taobao was a network collaborative e-commerce platform composed of buyers, sellers and various service providers. In the process of the transaction between the seller and the buyer, there are many social service providers, including shopping guide, shooting, website construction, etc. these service providers are connected to Taobao network through digital form. Later, in order to create more network synergy, Taobao hatched out Alipay, Tmall, rookie and other platforms. < p > < p > in 2008, when the collaborative network of Taobao developed to a certain stage, the categories on the platform became more and more complex, and the user experience became complex and unfriendly. As a result, Taobao completed an upgrade with the help of Yahoo China’s search technology, that is, the introduction of search function. Users can search the products they want at any time, which is data intelligence. In addition, Taobao also uses the data deposited by users on the network to recommend products and continue to improve the user experience, which is actually data intelligence. Today, the core value of Taobao is not simple commodity and user scale, but the richness of commodities, that is, hundreds of millions of users can buy massive commodities from tens of millions of sellers on the platform. In fact, it needs a lot of roles to cooperate and interact in real time. It can be said that the complex collaborative network has created a huge synergy effect, so that Taobao has a huge social value. Therefore, Zeng Ming thinks that network collaboration and data intelligence are the double helix architecture that any business model in the future must have and is the basic DNA of new business. < / P > < p > similarly, the upgrade of “hungry” is also following the double helix theory. From just delivering takeaway to delivering everything, are you hungry? Introducing more non catering businesses is actually creating more network collaboration. These businesses will leverage more social service providers in the process of transaction after the online platform is launched, so as to enhance the synergy effect and create greater platform value. < / P > < p > in addition, the newly added content interaction and personalized recommendation function is actually a kind of data intelligence. It makes users find their favorite goods and services more conveniently and accurately through the data deposited by users on the hungry platform, and improves the accuracy and efficiency of decision-making between users and businesses by using digital content and recommendation. This promotion will attract more users and businesses to join the platform, thus further promoting the expansion of collaborative network. Of course, the double helix strategy is just the vertical development direction of itself. Horizontally, from the strategic height of the whole Alibaba, it is more branded with the brand of group strategy. The brand was first put on Alipay.

many careful Alipay users will find that the first entrance on the top of Alipay’s home page is now hungry. Hungry is placed in the most important position, which reflects a major strategic upgrade of Alipay. This upgrade

Author: zmhuaxia