As mobile phones become more and more intelligent, the risk of harm to people becomes higher

There is no doubt that the emergence of smart phones has really made our lives better. After all, smart phones make all aspects of our lives more convenient and fast. Now you can handle all aspects of your food, clothing, housing and transportation with only one mobile phone. It can also bring video entertainment in your spare time. It can be said that modern people’s life is inseparable from smart phones. However, while mobile phones bring us convenience, they also bring new risks. Of course, Xiaobian doesn’t mean that you should not use smart phones. After all, you can’t leave mobile phones now. However, it is necessary for you to understand these risks and pay more attention to them. < / P > < p > it seems that smartphones can actually pose a threat to our health, not just because they devour our souls and dump them in a pile of non nutritious we media news and microblogs. A study published in < / P > < p > found a very clear link between the emergence of smartphones and head and neck injuries associated with smartphone use. The study included data collected between 1998 and 2017. < / P > < p > everyone knows that texting while driving is dangerous. But other times distracted attention from mobile phones can also be dangerous, and data suggest that too much focus on mobile devices is a risk factor for cuts, contusions and other head and neck related injuries. < / P > < p > this is not to say that old-fashioned feature phones can’t distract your attention, but from 2007 to 2009, it was the early stage of the booming development of smart phones, and the sharp increase of mobile phone related injuries showed that smart phones can attract our attention more. < / P > < p > during this period, it may not be surprising that most injuries occurred in people aged 13 to 29, as this is often the age range for Smartphone use. There was a 44% to 56% difference in injury rates between men and women, with more women reporting mobile phone related injuries than men. < / P > < p > it is worth noting here that there are no official reports of what kind of equipment the injured are using. For example, we can’t say for sure that Apple’s iPhone is responsible for the increase in cell phone related injuries. < / P > < p > nevertheless, it is undeniable that the injury rate has risen sharply in the years since the iPhone was launched. Between the advent of the iPhone and Android, many people find themselves distracted and hurt. IPhone is not the absolute cause of injury, but because iPhone has led the development of smart phones, people are more likely to be attracted by smart phones, so distraction causes harm. < / P > < p > no matter what kind of device we use, or how much trust we have in the company that makes it, we want as much control over our privacy as possible. This is especially true when every company on the planet appears to be at risk of being hacked, but one security researcher was surprised to find that the iPhone 11 Pro continues to check the user’s location even if the user requests location permission for each application and service separately. < / P > < p > the only way to disable all location services is by going to settings & gt; Privacy & gt; location services and turning off the toggle switch at the top of the menu, your location will no longer be tracked until you turn it on. < / P > < p > if you just disable the location service in each application and system service on the iPhone 11 pro, the arrow icon at the top of the screen will still appear, indicating that the location of the device is being accessed. < / P > < p > in fact, this is not a big problem. IOS has done a good job in privacy protection. This problem should be a bug in IOS 13.2.3. But Android is not as good as apple in terms of privacy protection. < / P > < p > after all, not everyone can get your privacy information from which big companies. But a simple photo you post in your circle of friends will easily reveal your privacy and expose it to all the people who can see your photo. < / P > < p > for example, even if you take a picture of yourself from the sky, there is no building or obvious landmark information that can mark your location. However, those who are interested in it can still determine when and where you are by using the GPS geographic location information in your photo, and the location is very accurate. < / P > < p > in fact, there are many other things that will expose your privacy because you don’t pay attention when using social software. If someone with ulterior motives obtains such information, it is likely to bring you losses. < / P > < p > smart phones are already a part of our life. If people don’t need to use smart phones, it’s not feasible and wise. It’s just because using smart phones will bring certain risks. It’s just because of choking. All we have to do is to understand these risks and pay more attention to them in daily use. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?