ASML company of Holland makes an official statement! Huawei is expected to produce chips on its own? I didn’t expect it to come so soon

Huawei is expected to produce its own chips. Under heavy pressure, ASML officially declared its position. Unexpectedly, everything came so suddenly. < p > < p > in recent years, Huawei has made great achievements in the field of semiconductors, and the birth of Kirin chip is a blockbuster, which also makes up for the dilemma caused by the supply interruption of high-pass chips. In the past, the OEM tasks of Huawei were all completed by TSMC. After the birth of the 5nm Kirin chip, only TSMC could meet the OEM requirements of Huawei. < p > < p > because Kirin chip has played a good backup role after the cut-off of high-tech, it not only does not affect the development of Huawei’s mobile phone business, but also brings better market effect. After seeing this situation, the United States has revised the relevant regulations for Huawei for many times. After the relevant provisions are improved, TSMC can only choose to cut off the power supply to Huawei, Kirin 9000 series chips have also become the best, but they can match the performance of Apple’s A-Series chips, and it is enough to draw a perfect end to Kirin chips. No matter whether they can return or not, they will be remembered by the world. < p > < p > affected by the ban on chips, Huawei’s business in many fields has been blocked. Finally, it has decided to enter the research and development of the whole industry chain technology in the whole chip field, and the main direction is to make technological breakthroughs in semiconductor materials and chip manufacturing technology. Huawei’s predicament has also awakened Chinese enterprises and begun to develop new technologies independently. To our surprise, ASML in the Netherlands announced its new policy shortly after the US chip ban came into effect. Just recently, Shen Bo, vice president of ASML in the Netherlands, made it clear that he would speed up the layout of the Chinese market in a period of time in the future. There are two main reasons why they make such a difficult choice. < p > < p > at present, China is also producing chips on its own, but it still can’t meet the demand. Every year, it still needs to spend $300 billion to import chips abroad, most of which are from the United States. At present, China also has the ability to produce processes above 14nm, but processes below 7Nm can only be produced by TSMC. After the chip ban comes into effect, TSMC can not provide any help to Huawei. < p > < p > domestic science and technology enterprises also realize that this is not only a problem facing Huawei, but also a problem to be faced in the whole semiconductor field of China. Huawei is also actively building its own chip production line and devoting itself to the technology research and development of the whole industrial chain, while other domestic manufacturers are actively cooperating and participating in the relevant technology research and development It is impossible to complete all the work by Huawei alone, and the unity of Chinese enterprises also brings infinite possibilities for the development of China’s semiconductor industry in the future. In the production process of chips, the most important equipment is the EUV lithography machine of ASML company in the Netherlands. The manufacturing process below 7Nm must be used. At present, the demand for chips in China is the largest, so a large number of EUV lithography machines are needed naturally. < / P > < p > recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially announced that it will enter the field of lithography technology research and development. At present, although the overall domestic process level is stuck at 90nm, it has mastered the manufacturing technology of 28nm lithography machine, which is expected to be officially launched next year. With the help of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the R & D Progress of high-end lithography machine will achieve a technical breakthrough faster. < / P > < p > at present, not only the state, but also all domestic enterprises are supporting Huawei’s development. Many enterprises have invested in the corresponding funds and share the same goal. They must achieve breakthroughs in lithography technology, so as to completely relieve the “neck” of the chip field. < / P > < p > at present, domestic enterprises have also made major breakthroughs in related technologies. 5nm etching machine and 5nm lithography machine related technologies have been broken through one after another. Once China realizes the research and development of domestic photolithography machine, the technology of ASML company will be worthless. It is for this reason that they will announce to accelerate the layout of the Chinese market. < / P > < p > affected by the ban on chips, TSMC is unable to provide Huawei with chip OEM production. If it develops in the current form, Huawei is expected to produce its own chips. With the official announcement of ASML, it also means that in the future, China can obtain top-notch lithography machines in time, so that Huawei can lay out its own chip production line. Before that, academician Ni Guangnan also stated that China has mastered 28nm lithography machine. After the official commercial use, the domestic chip foundry can use it to build its own domestic production line. In theory, it can meet the demand of 14nm chip and the current middle and low-end demand of Chinese market. After waiting for the Chinese Academy of Sciences to break through the relevant lithography technology, Huawei will be able to produce more advanced chips. However, even if China can get the most advanced ASML lithography machine, we can’t give up the research and development of relevant technologies. Only by mastering the relevant technologies can we not face the current situation of Huawei again. What’s your opinion on this? Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally