ASUS ARTONE is favored by “qiqizi” to ride the wind and waves, but it is not a cover to take on the facade

To talk about the most popular variety show in recent years, many people think of it at the first time. It can be said that it is suitable for all ages. No matter my peers or my elders, they are basically looking forward to broadcasting every Friday. In a twinkling of an eye, qiqizi’s iron powder has witnessed her from the first stage of the dance to now not only can keep up with the movement, but also can come out solo alone. It can be said that she has beauty and strength. < / P > < p > the sisters are cool and cool on the stage, but they are exquisite “pig girls” in life. Many audiences see their attitude towards life and envy their confidence and delicacy. As an audience, although they can’t ride the wind and waves on the stage, they can learn from their sisters’ spirit of “riding the wind and waves” and make themselves more confident and delicate in life. For example, get sister with the same good thing – urban fashion lightweight ASUS ARTONE, what charm does this notebook attract qiqizi’s attention? < p > < p > ASUS ARTONE notebook won Zhang Yuqi’s little sister’s public pick, there must be its reason, first of all, the appearance must match. This notebook uses white body as a whole, and elegant gold lines as embellishment. It looks very fashionable and high-end. It is actually a daily street artifact for ladies and sisters. Not only that, ASUS ARTONE also selects the Italian top layer cow leather material, after more than 50 processes, it has restored the natural litchi texture, making the hand feel more delicate and moist; in addition, the combination of 18K Rose Gold Logo and pure hand-made thread makes the texture and identification of the notebook even higher. < / P > < p > of course, ASUS ARTONE, as a fashionable and lightweight notebook, naturally pays attention to the feel and convenience of the fuselage. The notebook has a weight of 1.3KG and a thickness of 18.5mm, which makes it easy to pack into a bag. It is worth mentioning that the thinnest part of it is only 0.45mm, which is equivalent to the thickness of four A4 sheets of paper, which makes the sense of delicacy instantly improved. < / P > < p > of course, ASUS ARTONE not only has a high appearance and lightweight design, but also has a good configuration. It is equipped with the 10th generation Intel i7 processor and 2GB independent graphics card, which can basically meet the heavy office needs. At the same time, it has 16GB memory and 1TB SSD support, so that the multi task running ability and loading speed are enhanced, and the efficiency is greatly improved. < p > < p > as the carrier of obtaining information, the quality of the screen directly determines the user’s experience. ASUS ARTONE has also noticed this point. It carries a 13.3-inch FHD high-definition screen, adopts nanoedge four side micro frame design, and supports 100% SRGB high color gamut and up to 95% of the screen ratio, both the viewing experience and office experience are very good, full of immersion. In summary, ASUS ARTONE has won the favor of qiqizi mainly because of its fresh and refined appearance, exquisite workmanship and excellent comprehensive performance. I think these advantages are also the common pursuit of all of us. For those who are interested in this urban fashion lightweight book, you can pay attention to it. Older posts →