At present, the strongest Android phone is not Huawei P40 pro or Xiaomi 10 pro, but it is

July is coming to an end. The next August and September will be the main battlefield in the second half of this year, because there are many heavy products to be released in these two months, such as Samsung Galaxy note 20 series, Huawei mate 40 series, iPhone 12 series, etc. Therefore, if you are not in a hurry to change the plane at this stage, it is recommended to wait for more choices after the new machine is released. If you are a college student who is about to enter the university campus and intends to replace a new device before the start of school, there are actually many good choices in the products released in the first half of the year. According to the latest data report released by Angora rabbit, it may bring some reference for you in choosing.

recently, antutou, a domestic running sub platform, released a data report, which summarized the 10 models with higher performance scores among the flagship aircraft released in the first half of the year. The specific ranking of these 10 models is shown in the figure above. The number one oppo find x2 Pro was released in March this year, which is the “Star” product of the models released in the first half of this year. This machine has the hardware support of snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + UFS 3.0, and supports 120Hz screen refresh rate. In short, oppo find x2 Pro is a highly balanced high-end flagship. However, in terms of product strength, X2 Pro is obviously not as direct as oppo find X2, which ranks second. The basic configuration of this machine is the same as big brother, but the camera is slightly reduced, and the memory is replaced by lpddr4x.

Xiaomi 10 Pro ranks third, which is the first model equipped with snapdragon 865, and is also the first domestic model of snapdragon 865. In terms of core configuration, Xiaomi 10 Pro is basically the same as oppo find x2 pro, which is ranked first. It carries a snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + UFS 3.0 three-piece set, supports 90hz screen refresh rate, has a built-in 4500mAh battery, supports 50W wired + 30W wireless dual fast charging, and the rear main camera is 108 million pixels. From the product point of view, Xiaomi 10 Pro is a bucket machine with full configuration. Compared with the previous Xiaomi 9, it has obvious upgrading in all aspects.

iqoo neo3 and redmi K30 Pro ranked fourth and fifth respectively. These two mobile phones have played the role of the cheapest snapdragon 865 in the early stage. They belong to one of the few snapdragon 865 models under 3000 yuan, but now redmi K30 Pro has more advantages in price. Iqoo neo3 has the advantages of faster charging speed of 44w flash charging, dual stereo speakers and 144hz screen refresh rate. The short board does not support screen fingerprint identification. At the same time, the practicability of camera matching scheme is not very high, and there is a lack of long focus lens.

compared with iqoo neo3, redmi K30 Pro has the advantages of larger capacity of 4700mah battery, higher playability of multi camera scheme, and the disadvantage is that it does not support high screen refresh rate. In addition, redmi K30 Pro also continues the previous mechanical structure, so the front of the machine is still a complete real full screen. So, if you don’t like the current mainstream perforated screen or Liu Hai screen, redmi K30 Pro can be a good choice.

ranking 6-10 are iqoo 3, Yijia mobile phone 8 pro, Xiaomi 10, black shark game mobile phone 3, Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5g. On the whole, all the 10 models on the list are still the flagship models of snapdragon 865, but the bottom of Samsung Galaxy S20 + is somewhat surprising. Readers may wonder why Huawei P40 pro and Huawei P40 PRO + are not on the list. The main reason is that this list summarizes the processor performance, while the Qilin 990 processor of Huawei P40 series is not a competitive product of snapdragon 865 in the same period. Qilin 990 was released in the second half of last year, so its comparison object is actually the snapdragon 855. After the release of Huawei mate 40 series equipped with Kirin’s new generation flagship SOC, I believe that the performance list will change significantly at that time.

in addition, rabbit also released a performance list of Android midrange mobile phones, which also counted 10 models with higher performance scores. If sub brands are included in these 10 models, oppo reno3 5g, oppo reno4 pro and oppo reno4 are listed; two models of Xiaomi are redmi 10x pro and redmi 10x; and 5 Huawei models are Huawei Nova 7, Huawei Nova 7 Pro, glory 30s, glory X10 and Huawei Nova 7 se.

at the end of the sentence, running score is only a reference data, which can reflect the performance of the mobile phone, but it can’t feed back other key factors such as camera, battery life, charging, hand feeling, appearance and other key factors, so the user experience is the most important in the end.

Author: zmhuaxia