At that time, the “King” now reduced to compete with Hongmi 9A. How about Nokia C3?

When it comes to Nokia, I’m afraid that it may not have such an impression on the kids born after 00. Maybe it’s no stranger to those born in the 80s and 90s. If anyone had the latest Nokia or Motorola in hand, it was definitely the most beautiful kid on the street. Can be said to be the “King” of that era!

the most impressive thing for Xiaobian is the Nokia N97 mobile phone. When it was launched in June 2009, it was almost impossible to get one. My friend was the first one to get the mobile phone. At that time, he spent 7800 yuan to get it, but at that time, the official offer of Nokia was only 4500 yuan. In just three months, the global shipping volume reached 2 million units, which may not be surprising now, but you should know that not everyone owned mobile phones in 2009.

Xiaobian wants to use Hedong and Hexi for 30 years to describe Nokia. However, since the rise of apple, the change of operating system has made the former king step down from the “altar”. Recently, Nokia launched a Nokia C3 100 yuan machine. Looking at the price starting at 699, it seems that it can only compete with Hongmi 9A. Let’s have a look today How about Nokia C3?

first of all, let’s talk about the external design and material of the Nokia C3. The body of the Nokia C3 phone is made of plastic material. The blue color of the body is a little similar to that of the red rice 9a, but there is no texture design of the red rice 9A. The scanner is located on the back of the fuselage and the rear camera is also in the center, so it can be better distinguished from Hongmi 9A. The bottom of the phone is not a USB C charging interface, but a micro USB interface, and the phone can still split the phone battery, which makes me want to look for the “universal charging” that has been lost for many years at home.

the front of the phone features a 5.99-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, while the Hongmi 9A has a resolution of 1600×720, and also comes with a third-generation Corning gorilla glass. If you look at it from a modern point of view, the front of Nokia C3 adopts the old-fashioned 8:9 full screen design, which is obviously a bit old-fashioned. In contrast, the red rice 9A water drop display is in line with the contemporary aesthetic.

in terms of hardware, Xiaobian really praises Nokia because it is equipped with zhanrui sc9832e processor, 28 nm process technology, and mali-t820gpu. It is estimated that there are not many other domestic computers supporting the chips produced by domestic companies? The total running score of Antu is 106202, while that of Hongmi 9A is 102257, which shows that although our domestic mobile phone chip is a little poor in process technology, its running points have been compared with that of Unitech Helio g25cpu with 12 nm process. The storage capacity of 3gb is 32g, which supports the expansion of SD card up to 128G, while Hongmi 9A is 4GB with 64g storage and 512g expansion capacity.

in terms of service life, the Nokia C3 has a built-in 3040 Ma battery, and it’s really shabby to only have a 5-watt charging plug, while the Hongmi 9A is a 10 watt charging plug for a 5000 Ma battery. In terms of endurance, the Hongmi 9A is definitely better.

in terms of photography, the Nokia C3 rear camera has an 8 megapixel main camera, the front lens is a 5 megapixel self timer camera, while the Hongmi 9A rear camera is 13 million pixel main camera, and the front lens is also 5 million pixels. However, Hongmi 9A has AI camera 5.0, camera beauty, portrait mode and other functions, which is slightly more playable than the Nokia C3.

if you want to talk about the advantages of Nokia C3, there is one that is more convenient in terms of small editor. It has a new one button guard function. Some of them are similar to Google assistant. This button is located on the left side of the fuselage. You can set it by yourself. For example, you can click it to start wechat directly, or you can set up the quick payment function. It’s very convenient for older parents, and it also has health check function. I think it’s through fingerprint scanner to detect heart rate. The result is through the rear sensor and LED light to detect your finger. Test results are not very accurate, can only be said to be a gimmick!

in contrast, Hongmi 9A not only supports miui12, but also the font of the display can be adjusted. The most important thing is that it has 1217 linear speakers, which is quite user-friendly for the elderly.

generally speaking, Xiaobian feels that it is still difficult for Nokia C3 to win the rice bowl of Hongmi 9A. After all, its appearance is more rustic, and all aspects of configuration are relatively old-fashioned. The only thing worthy of my praise is the use of “Chinese chip”. The other can only be feelings! I don’t know if the upcoming Nokia C3 can compete with Hongmi 9A? Welcome to leave a message. I am a high-tech digital talent. Pay attention to me and learn more about digital technology. See you next time. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia