At the same time, Huawei employs several talented teenagers, while Xiaomi employs two vice presidents

As we all know, Huawei recently spent up to two million yuan to hire a few talented teenagers, while Xiaomi spent a million yuan a year to hire two vice presidents. Netizens asked: is it possible to see the gap between Huawei and Xiaomi from recruitment? Huawei paid two million a year to hire graduates, and Xiaomi paid one million to hire a vice president.

in fact, under the background of fierce competition, the contribution of technical graduates to the company is negative in the short term, because no matter how fierce a graduate needs to grow, the company will spend a lot of time training in the early stage, which can hardly help the company make money. But in the medium and long term, it will increase by many times, and the long-term investment will benefit enterprises more. New product launch