Aurora: how to apply for jobs in internet entertainment and E-sports

Aurora release, from the analysis of young people’s employment environment and observation of young people’s job search, we can understand the current situation of young people’s employment. < p > < p > 1. Young job seekers are still facing the “most difficult employment year”. The employment problems are mainly manifested in the long period of job search, the lack of job supply, the difficulty in judging recruitment information and the high cost of application. < / P > < p > 2. Recruitment festivals such as over employment season can intelligently push many suitable employment opportunities for job seekers, make use of intelligent means of big data to efficiently match jobs, shorten the job search cycle and eliminate interference information, By reducing the spatial and psychological distance between the two sides, we can improve the efficiency of job hunting and reduce the cost of job hunting. < / P > < p > 3,58 the data of the recruitment Research Institute of the same city show that young job seekers tend to deliver new industries this year, and their enthusiasm for delivery in emerging industries has increased, such as the Internet, culture, sports and entertainment industries, and the proportion of delivery in traditional manufacturing industry and real estate industry has been reduced; < p > < p > 4,58 the data of the recruitment Research Institute in the same city show that young job seekers tend to find jobs in the first tier cities that can take into account job opportunities and life enjoyment, have high acceptance of new working modes such as free employment and shared employees, and prefer famous enterprises. < / P > < p > 5. The research on Aurora data shows that young people have strong willingness to work hard and have clear career planning, They tend to maintain a good work life balance through parties. With the expansion and enrollment of colleges and universities year by year, the scale of 2020 graduates will exceed 8.7 million, and the employment scale of young job seekers will reach a new record. At the same time, there is a structural imbalance in the demand for employment, especially among regions, and some enterprises blindly pursue highly educated talents, which makes it difficult to create employment artificially. The lack of mutual understanding between the two sides of recruitment leads to information asymmetry, which is not conducive to recruitment. < p > < p > young people grow up in the rich environment of long-term high-speed economic growth, fully enjoy the dividend of economic growth, and combine with popular culture, forming a unique self-identity and cultural circle. In addition, young people’s job demand tends to be more diversified, and they are more willing to work in emerging industries and derivative jobs. < p > < p > young job seekers are still facing the “most difficult employment year”. The employment problems are mainly manifested in the long period of employment, the lack of job supply, the difficulty in judging recruitment information and the high cost of employment. Super season can intelligently push many suitable employment opportunities for job seekers. Big data intelligent means can be used to efficiently match people and posts, shorten the job search cycle, eliminate interference information, and improve the efficiency of job search and reduce the cost of job search by reducing the spatial and psychological distance between the two sides. < / P > < p > according to the statistics of Aurora, the most attractive channels for young job seekers to submit their resumes are recruitment app, propaganda conference, new media and internal promotion, of which recruitment app accounts for 70.5%, which is the delivery channel for most job seekers. From the perspective of resume delivery, the advantage of recruitment app lies in comprehensive information, fast and efficient operation, the advantage of propaganda conference is that it can introduce a single employer in a more three-dimensional and comprehensive way, the advantage of new media is that it can display information vividly and interestingly, and can form interaction, while the advantage of internal promotion lies in the scarcity and reliability of information. < / P > < p > according to the aurora survey, young job seekers are more enthusiastic about new industries, such as the Internet, culture, sports and entertainment industries. The proportion of delivery in traditional manufacturing and real estate industries has been reduced. At present, it is becoming a major trend in the employment market for young people to have part-time jobs. Due to their low threshold and relatively flexible working hours, some of the jobs are good choices for part-time jobs, such as shop assistant / sales clerk, Taobao customer service, delivery man, etc., which are attracting much attention. < p > < p > 58 according to the data of the city wide recruitment Research Institute, young job seekers tend to be employed in the first tier cities, because they have many job opportunities and can meet their pursuit of quality of life < / P > < p > 58 according to the data of the city wide recruitment Research Institute, the preferred work cities for young people are mainly the first tier and the new tier cities. The reason why they think that the first tier cities can provide new opportunities and quality of life is that they can choose new jobs and guarantee the quality of their life. The aurora survey found that, compared with the post-85s and 75s, the post-95s have more balanced requirements for employers, with the highest proportion of compensation, followed by degree of freedom, and the post-75s pay more attention to the matching of corporate culture. Young people have similar preference for enterprises of different sizes, and the proportion of large enterprises is slightly higher. They have their own advantages as a whole, but they are more inclined to large enterprises. The aurora survey shows that young people are not averse to the “996” work system. 65.0% of young people accept “996” work with corresponding remuneration, and the proportion of women is higher. However, young people tend to adjust to friends’ gathering after working overtime. In addition to friends’ gathering, boys mostly use food regulation, while girls prefer shopping, home rest and sleep regulation. < p > < p > according to the aurora survey, compared with the older generation, young people have a clearer plan for their career development, which reflects that young job seekers have independent thinking about their future career development. The survey data shows that more than 80% of young people have a clear career plan for more than 3 years. In addition, the aurora survey data show that young people are more willing to try new forms of work, such as free employment and sharing employees, and their acceptance of the forms of free employment and shared employees is significantly higher than that of the post-75s and the post-85s. < / P > < p > according to the aurora survey, compared with the post-75s and the post-85s, the young people of the post-95s generation pay more attention to and participate in e-sports, sports and entertainment. The younger generation has formed three groups of E-sports players, sports fans and entertainment users. The uniqueness of the circle group is reflected in all aspects, whether in social intercourse or play, or even regard their hobbies as a kind of life or spiritual sustenance, so as to distinguish non circle cultural groups. < / P > < p > young job seekers in the e-sports circle tend to take more back-end jobs in the e-sports industry, such as E-sports player, e-sports game anchor, etc., while young job seekers in the entertainment circle mainly focus on the entertainment media industry which keeps pace with the trend. Super season provides job opportunities for many famous enterprises, and the job coverage is wide, which can meet the diversified employment needs of young job seekers. < p > < p > the employment market tends to be highly competitive. Young job seekers should take the initiative to seize the employment opportunities for themselves, and face the employment pressure with a good attitude and positive measures. Young job seekers seek recruitment information through new channels, build a good image for themselves through various content platforms and image packaging, correct their employment objectives and expectations in the process of job hunting, make adequate preparation, and maximize the success probability of employment opportunities. < / P > < p > 1) Aurora comes from the industry data collection of Aurora cloud service platform and the long-term monitoring of Aurora IAPP platform for various mobile applications, and data mining and statistical analysis are carried out in combination with large sample algorithm; 2) Aurora survey data is conducted through the aurora survey platform for network research; 3) other legally collected data. The above data are collected according to relevant laws and regulations and authorized by users, and big data analysis report is formed after data desensitization. The data information provided by Aurora Jiguang is estimated and analyzed based on large sample data sampling collection, small sample investigation, data model prediction and other research methods. Due to the limitations of any data sources and technical methods in the field of statistical analysis, Aurora Jiguang is no exception. The data information estimated and analyzed by Aurora Jiguang according to the above methods is only for reference. Aurora Jiguang does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, applicability and non infringement of the above data information. The legal consequences of any action taken by any organization or individual based on or based on the above data and information have nothing to do with Aurora Jiguang, and the relevant disputes or legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the actor. < p > < p > Aurora data research institute will make use of its big data capability to carry out more detailed analysis, interpretation and business insight in various fields. Please look forward to it. < / P > < p > this report is prepared by Aurora Jiguang. All the words, pictures and forms in the report are protected by the relevant trademark and copyright laws. Part of the content is collected from public information, and the ownership is owned by the original author. Without the written permission of the company, any organization and individual shall not copy or transmit in any form. Any unauthorized use of this report will violate the provisions of other laws and regulations. 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