awesome! Shenyang element is in space! Did you find out?

“As a manufacturer of ultra-high-speed precision turbopump, it is our mission to complete the production, delivery and launch tasks with high quality and quantity.” The leader of aerospace new light technology said that the hydrogen turbopump is the core component of the servo system of the rocket engine, which plays a vital role in the control of the rocket’s flight posture. < / P > < p > in the stage of product manufacturing, the technicians of aerospace new light have built a set of process system involving machining, welding, electrolysis, precision grinding and assembly test on the basis of the original technology combined with the characteristics of the products, so as to ensure the quality of the products. As the largest and most powerful launch vehicle in China, Long March 5 is composed of thousands of complex systems. It can be said that every screw on the rocket is the representative of aerospace quality. The hydrogen turbine pump produced by Aerospace Xinguang provides high-power hydraulic energy for the servo mechanism of the rocket liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen engine, and ensures the perfect posture of chang’e-5 during the lunar exploration. < / P > < p > the turntable of panoramic camera adopts a two free configuration based on mechanical arm, which has the unique advantages of large range of motion, high motion accuracy, large bearing capacity, small self weight, low power consumption, and internal wiring. Its functions and performance can meet the specified scientific exploration of the lunar surface, imaging of surface sampling area, monitoring and cooperation of surface sampling process, and national flag display, etc The scientific and engineering objectives provide the key support for the scientific exploration mission of chang’e-5. < / P > < p > the most challenging part in the product development process is the development of the binocular camera mounting plate. In order to ensure the overall stiffness, anti vibration performance, baseline length, optical axis accuracy and light weight of the turntable, the camera mounting plate adopts the integrated design of all carbon fiber composite materials and different characteristics. Through multiple rounds of optimization and iteration, the reinforcement of the structural body rib plate is solved A series of complex process problems, such as nearly isotropic laminate, have passed all the standard tests and met the development requirements. < p > < p > Shenyang Institute of automation has been engaged in the research of panoramic camera turntable in May 2012, and completed the delivery of positive samples in April 2016. During this period, we have successively completed the development of seven sets of products, including electrical parts, sampling package parts, structural parts, thermal controls, identification parts, positive samples and backup parts. The development and quality control experience of panoramic camera turntable can provide reference for other space missions undertaken by Shenyang Automation Institute, such as the national manned space station scientific laboratory cabinet, science and application satellite, etc. < p > < p > source:, China Shenyang, Liaoning Daily, Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Daily reporter Huang Chao, part of the pictures are from people’s daily= target=_ blank>Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine