B door is very chicken ribs? You just touched the camera! Master 2 points, so that you can correctly operate a surprise blockbuster

The probability of B gate being used in photography is relatively small, but this does not mean that it is not important. All kinds of photos of light tracks and starry sky that our friends often see are taken through gate B, and only gate B can take such a long exposure. < / P > < p > what is gate B? Gate B is a shutter release mode completely controlled by the photographer, that is, the duration of the shutter is determined by the duration of the photographer holding down the shutter. If the shutter is pressed for a long time, the shutter time will be longer; if the pressing time is short, the shutter time will be short. How to set gate B and what scenarios are applicable? < / P > < p > but there are also some early low-end cameras with no b-gate in the mode turntable. How should this be operated? Set the camera shooting mode to manual gear, and set the shutter speed to the first gear after 30s, and the “bulb” will start the door B. < / P > < p > gate B is actually a long exposure. Although there is a slow shutter, the slowest time of the slow shutter is 30s, which is not applicable. However, the shutter time of gate B is not limited, so it has more time to adjust. It is especially suitable for scenes where the shutter speed needs to be set at more than 30s. < / P > < p > shooting with B gate means that the scene needs long exposure, and stability in the shooting process is very important. During long exposure, even slight touch will cause camera jitter, and pressing the shutter for a long time will also cause acid. Therefore, tripod and shutter line are essential. If you are shooting long exposure in the daytime, it is recommended to install a dimmer to prevent overexposure. < / P > < p > the B gate can record the track of the object movement, solidify the changes of the scene in a period of time into a picture, compress the time, and finally show the scene that can’t be seen by the naked eye, which makes people feel extremely magical. < / P > < p > shooting in weak light, because the lack of light easily leads to poor image quality. In order to ensure exposure, I believe that the first thing you think of is to improve the ISO or increase the aperture. However, the larger the ISO, the more obvious the noise will be, which will affect the quality of the image. The larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field, and the smaller the clear range. This is unacceptable for landscape photography. < / P > < p > at this time, we can use the B gate shooting to solve this problem perfectly. Speaking of this, which shooting themes need to be used in gate B, do you know? Poison mage, let’s introduce it in detail. < / P > < p > when the night falls, all kinds of lights in the city are charming and bright. The vehicles on the road drive forward without hesitation, even the cold buildings become warm at night. For the camera player, shooting the traffic light track at night is particularly attractive. < / P > < p > mount the tripod, install the shutter line, and press the button on the shutter line, and the camera will be in the shooting state all the time. Press it again when you think it is appropriate, and the streamer track light of the vehicle will get. The specific shutter time depends on the brightness of the scene. It is recommended to take more shots. < / P > < p > choose a place where the ambient light is very dark, the field of vision is open, and there is no light pollution. Set the aperture to the appropriate F value. Note that if the aperture is too small, the track will be very thin. In addition, due to the rotation of the earth, the star orbits are all concentric circles. If you’re lucky and you can shoot a meteor, it’s just beautiful. < / P > < p > shooting this kind of scenery theme is usually carried out in the daytime, so it is recommended to use the dimmer. Shooting clouds in the morning and sunset in the dusk. After a period of exposure with gate B, the cloud in the picture is smooth and continuous like velvet. It feels very soft and surprising. < / P > < p > shooting waterfall and water at gate B can also get the above beautiful scenery. For the sea or water surface with small waves, the B gate can also be used to photograph the sea surface like a mirror. This is because long time exposure can smooth the small waves and get a smooth mirror effect, but it is only applicable to the dark sea view water mist. < / P > < p > every trip, every street or scenic spot is full of people. It is not easy to take a picture with peace of mind. If you want to get rid of the disturbance of passers-by a, you can imagine the difficulty coefficient. How can I take photos of empty streets or scenic spots? It is recommended to use door B to shoot the wall crack here. People can go to people after long exposure. < / P > < p > b gate is actually a very interesting shooting function. It shows a totally different picture effect from the naked eye. It is the compression of time and the record of things. Through it, we can finally understand that “the water is really flowing” like silk. What are you waiting for? Go and try it. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865