B station anti-cancer up master passed away, the good will and love of consumption netizens before his death, finally can subside

Previously, the well-known anti-cancer up host @ tiger son in the second half of his life related events caused a stir. The up owner has indeed reached the stage of advanced lung cancer, but because he pretended to be poor and sold miserably to obtain traffic and consume the goodwill of netizens, he was picked out by netizens, and the events before and after formed a huge reversal, which disappointed netizens. < p > < p > at present, up master @ Huzi has died in the latter half of his life. With the death of the up master, the controversy over this matter may have come to an end. < p > < p > in station B, there is a up master with cancer, whose ID is the second half of Huzi’s life. In the title of each video released by him, four words of advanced lung cancer were carried, proving that he was a cancer patient. According to the video released by the up master, he is suffering from advanced lung cancer, and his life is relatively poor. He does not have much time, but he still can’t let go of his family and son. He is still fighting against cancer. From these points of view, the up leader is still more inspirational. Therefore, there are a lot of B station netizens willing to give the up master’s video one click three links. Although I can do little, I sincerely wish the up master a good life and support the up master to live in a better psychological state. < / P > < p > however, every time up sends a video, the word “advanced lung cancer” is used at the beginning, and the poor living condition is deliberately displayed, which makes Netizens feel abnormal. < p > < p > later, the up owner was picked out. Instead of living in poverty, he had a luxury car and a luxurious house, and his life was more affluent than ordinary people. Moreover, the up owner also has high consumption on a regular basis, which is better than that of ordinary people. This is completely contrary to his poor life in the video. It is pointed out that he uses cancer as a gimmick to disguise himself as a poor man to consume the goodwill and love of netizens. This has aroused the dissatisfaction of netizens. Although they clearly can guarantee the cost of treatment, they sell it miserably with video, which makes netizens angry. In the past, netizens praised the up master how high, then he fell how miserable, no one to pity him, sympathize with him, most people are angry because they have been cheated. In fact, it’s not only true that the netizens’ love is greatly affected by their love. In real life, there are some people who are suffering from diseases but have no ability to treat them. They could have won the sympathy and support of netizens, but they dare not pay their heart easily because they have been cheated once. < / P > < p > up the latter half of his life, not only caused the disgust of netizens, but also caused the attention of B station. Since knowing that Huzi’s real identity was picked out and cheated netizens in the latter half of his life, station B responded to this incident and confirmed that the up master was indeed in the late stage of lung cancer, but the real situation was not so miserable. At present, the up master has passed away, and this matter may finally come to an end. Seriously speaking, all the unfortunate cancer patients are worthy of sympathy and tolerance, but it is not feasible to take advantage of their own diseases and cheat to gain the goodwill of netizens. < / P > < p > if you tell the truth from the beginning, netizens may not be able to help. However, if you choose to hide from others at the beginning, the truth will come out in the end. At that time, it will not only leave a good impression in the hearts of netizens, but will affect other people. The up master has passed away, and this matter can finally come to an end. Skip to content