Bad news for iPhone 12! Performance first show overturn, netizen: can you buy it in the end

Apple’s new product launch was finally held in anticipation, and the iPhone 12, which we all paid close attention to, was finally released. As a brand-new flagship mobile phone, the iPhone 12 series mobile phones have undergone significant changes in both hardware and appearance. In particular, the new Apple A14 processor, which is made with 5 nm technology, is said to be the strongest mobile phone processor at present. Apple’s newly released iPad air 4 is also equipped with this processor. However, recently, foreign media exposed a bad news about the iPhone 12, which is suspected that the performance of the iPhone 12 has been overturned. < / P > < p > before that, foreign media had exposed the running points of geekbench5, a machine code named iPhone 13,2. The running scores were 4198 points for multi-core and 1583 points for single core. The iPhone 13,2, which is said to be the iPad air 4, has a 4198 multi-core run, which is pretty good so far. Although the iPhone 12 has not yet been released, foreign media have also exposed the running points of geekbecnh of iPhone 12. This is a device code named iPhone 13,3, with memory of 6GB. However, the multi-core running score of geekbecnh is 3120 points, and the single core running score is 1590 points. This score should be said to be not very good, which is much worse than the previous iPad air4. The single core fraction of geekbench 5.2.3 of A13 equation processor based on 7 nm technology is 1336 and multi-core is 3539. So in comparison, the multi-core performance of the A14 processor of the iPhone 12 is weaker than that of the iPad air 4, and the single core performance of the whole A14 is better than that of the A13, and the multi-core performance of the iPhone 12 is even worse than that of the A13. < / P > < p > before, foreign media also exposed the results of geekbench of Huawei equipment code named noh-nx9. The foreign media of this device said that it was Huawei mate40, and it was equipped with Kirin 9000 5g processor. We can see the results of geekbench’s running points, with 3710 points for multi core and 1020 points for single core. With the same 5-nanometer processor, the multi-core performance of the iPhone 12 is much worse than that of Huawei mate 40, but the performance of single core is much better than that of Huawei mate 40. As for why this happens, foreign media said that it is likely that the overall performance of the iPhone 12 has not been optimized, so it will happen. Before < / P > < p > iPad air Compared with the performance of the previous Apple A13 processor, the improvement of the performance of Apple’s A14 processor is not very large. Moreover, the official Apple conference did not compare the A14 processor with the A13 processor, but compared the A14 processor with the previous generation of A12 processor, and introduced the upgrade range. Therefore, there are doubts about the performance of A14. After the foreign media exposed the geekbench score of the iPhone 12, the fruit powder expressed regret for the result, and also said whether the current iPhone 12 can be bought? Science Discovery