Bad news from iPhone 12 Pro! The larger the screen, the worse the hand feeling?

Apple held a fall conference in September of last year to launch the latest iPhone, but today’s epidemic has affected suppliers around the world, so the launch of the iPhone 12 series has to be delayed. According to various sources, the iPhone 12 series may be officially released on October 13, Beijing time. Compared with the iPhone 11, in addition to 5g network, the hardware part also upgrades the A14 bionic chip, which is based on the 5-nanometer process technology, and the appearance design will have great changes. For example, the bangs are shortened and three-dimensional borders are used. But it’s not a good idea to recreate the iPhone 4’s borders, which are likely to affect the feel. < / P > < p > iPhones in the past few years have adopted the same Liu Hai screen, and not all users will accept this design. The reason why the iPhone 4 released by jobs in the early years is classic is that it adopts a straight three-dimensional frame with a clear sense of lines, and the whole phone is like a cuboid. At that time, it also replaced the rounded border design. However, the iPhone 12 series also uses such a three-dimensional frame. With the increase of the weight of the screen and body, in fact, this will seriously affect the user experience, and the feeling of holding in the hand may be countered by the right angle frame. < / P > < p > you should know that in the era of 3.5-4-inch screen, the sharp three-dimensional frame of mobile phone did not affect the hand feel. Because of the small size and light weight of the mobile phone at that time, it may not feel like holding it in your hand. But today’s smart phone screens are more than 6 inches, the three-dimensional border may look very classic, but it is not in line with the development of today’s smart phones. It has been reported by foreign media before, and people who have experienced the iPhone 12 have revealed that the feeling of holding the iPhone 12 in the hand is a little uncomfortable. Although the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 12 are all three-dimensional frames, we can feel that the impact of the palm and the sharp frame is very large, and the comfort is greatly reduced.

also revealed that as like as two peas, the three series of iPhone12 series were exposed, and the two 6.1 inch iPhone12 was almost exactly the same, 146.7 mm long, 71.6 mm wide and 7.44 mm thick. Compared with the iPhone 11, the length and width are slightly reduced, while the body thickness is 0.7mm less. Because it is thinner, the border will be sharper, so it will affect the feel. The iPhone 12 Mini screen is only 5.4 inches thick, about the same thickness as the iPhone 12, with a slight drop in length and width. The 3D frame of the iPhone has no effect on the 3D frame. < / P > < p > from the comparison above, it can be found that it is not unreasonable for foreign media to disclose that the iPhone 12 feels bad. The single hand operation of the large screen is very uncomfortable, and this design affects the hand feeling, and at the same time, the one hand operation will be more inconvenient. This is not good news for the fruit powder. Moreover, the contact area between the three-dimensional frame and the palm will decrease, so the friction area will be reduced, which is more likely to cause hand off. < / P > < p > so if you really like the iPhone 12, buy a case to reduce the discomfort. Ladies and gentlemen, do you think the stereo frame will affect the feel of the iPhone 12? Welcome to discuss in the comments section. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12