Badger appears in Mosuowan reclamation area

Recently, the wild Shihezi team recovered the infrared camera deployed in Mosuowan reclamation area of Shihezi City, the eighth division of XPCC, and found that the infrared camera had captured a rare animal badger in the Bush area here. According to Wang Rui, head of the wild Shihezi team, the infrared camera was placed in the Bush area on July 15 and recycled on August 30. There is a naturally formed pit near the infrared camera, which is covered with animal feces and footprints. “This bush is a bit like the living environment of the prairie spotted cat, which is a national second-class protected animal. We set up the camera to look for the prairie spotted cat, but unexpectedly we captured the dog Badger.” Wang Rui said. < / P > < p > in the image data of this infrared camera, the badger appears near the pit seven times. “It walks around and sniffs every time, like looking for food or marking territory.” Wang Rui said that once, the badger was picking at something in the nearby bush. He ran into a red fox that was moving here. He looked at him for a moment. The red fox might have noticed that the badger was a bad character and left in a hurry. The badger is a mammal of Mustelidae and badger, and it is the second class national protected animal. Its nose is like a dog, but it is short and fat like a bear. It belongs to the larger weasel family. The reason why badger is rare is that it likes to haunt at night or at dusk, which is hard to find. The badger is closely related to the “shouldered” badger in the animal kingdom. It has a fierce temperament and a strong sense of revenge. Like to dig holes and live in a wide range of habitats, forests, shrubs, fields, lakes and so on have its distribution. Plant roots, stems, fruits and small mammals for food, corn, potatoes, watermelon, etc. are in its diet. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia