Baidu attack in an all-round way, the input method has a good face, and Sogou to say goodbye

Speaking of mobile phone input, we must not forget the function machine of physical keys in those years. In addition to making calls, SMS Chat was a popular trend at that time. The biggest pain point of each SMS is the tedious typing input. With the development of science and technology, smart phones are on the market, and typing input has become diversified, not only the keyboard input of the mobile phone, but also the voice recognition input As a new favorite of users, of course, the function of the input method provided by the mobile phone is limited, and it needs a third-party input app to realize more use experience. The most commonly used software in China is iFLYTEK, Sogou, Baidu and QQ software, of which Baidu and Sogou input method are the most popular. < / P > < p > most users are still using the input method of the original mobile phone. Compared with the third-party input method, the appearance and function of this input method are much monotonous. In order to improve the speed of mobile phone input, it is necessary to store the thesaurus of the third-party input software. Sogou input method was released in 2006. Most users of the earlier third-party input method in China should All of them have been used. With the release of more input methods, the former Sogou input method is no longer fragrant, because it has a lot of built-in advertising and bundling software, which is unacceptable. < p > < p > Baidu input method is a rising star. It was launched in 2009. With Baidu’s powerful AI algorithm support, Yan keyboard, the first streamer keyboard in the industry, Chinese and English offline free speaking, dialect voice to character recognition, more fast input experience, can only say goodbye to Sogou input method which has been used for many years. < p > < p > in April 2020, according to the survey data released by AI media, the comprehensive satisfaction score of Baidu input method is as high as 8.38, ranking first among many third-party input methods. Baidu began to use input method. At the beginning of 2019, baidu input method fully opened the “Ai new input, full sensory input 2.0 era”. More AI black technology was carried on its own input method, and multi-layer attention modeling was released. The online voice accuracy rate was improved by 15%, exceeding 15% of the excellent competitive products. The internal technical contribution is indispensable. < / P > < p > makes Baidu input method understand users’ typing habits better, and input experience is more smooth, so that Baidu input method is more popular and user satisfaction is higher and higher. < / P > < p > this time, baidu input method upgraded the streamer keyboard on the original basis, and cooperated with Logitech and Rog players’ National keyboard manufacturers, and the industry launched the RGB lighting display. The author downloaded and used the experience, the streamer keyboard dubbing and color light transformation, almost the same as the mechanical keyboard, the mobile phone can also experience Da, Da, Da, the pleasure of hitting the keyboard, and the crisp green axis key Dialing and typing are no longer slow motion, but more rhythmic. < / P > < p > This upgrade of Baidu caters to the taste of young users. Under the premise of assuming the responsibility of beauty, it can deeply improve the touch of dull flat touch screen and provide users with better input experience. < / P > < p > Baidu’s input method is elegant. The Yan keyboard launched at the beginning of the year has a lot of playable wallpapers and stars such as Li Xian, Hua Chenyu, Wu Yifan and Yang Zi, showing a more unique personality. Recently upgraded Chinese and English offline free speech, voice input is no longer the exclusive network coverage. After the offline mode is opened, even in mountainous areas and elevator rooms with weak signals In the basement, voice input can still be completed, which is convenient to accompany all the time. This is the first product deployment of the end-to-end offline speech recognition model based on attention, which greatly improves the reliability of offline Chinese and English speech recognition system. < / P > < p > the market competition of input method industry is fierce. Baidu input method not only improves the appearance and appearance of young users, but also AI sensory input is better. If you look at Sogou input method, its mediocre function can’t arouse users’ input pleasure, so we can only say goodbye to Sogou input method. The upgrade of Baidu input method also brings great pressure to friends and promotes domestic input With the continuous rise of the law market, baidu input method has become the strength of the input method industry. What do you think? Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia