Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Recently, it is reported that investor place, a well-known investment consulting firm, has selected seven global quantum computing stocks worth buying in the next decade, including Baidu, alphabet, IBM, Microsoft and other technology companies. Baidu was selected because of its outstanding research work in the field of quantum computing, making its share price have healthy room to rise, the report said. Baidu, as a domestic representative of the global quantum computing giant, has also won a voice in the frontier technology field for Chinese technology companies.

the so-called quantum computing is a new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics to regulate and control quantum information units for computing. Different from the traditional computing theory, its operation is based on quantum bits, and uses the unique quantum effects such as quantum superposition and quantum entanglement to process information, which can greatly improve the computational efficiency and overcome the cost problem. It will be a strong human and industrial intelligence The important way to be able. Its influence scale can cover many fields, such as finance, medicine, materials, biotechnology, network security, artificial intelligence and so on. Therefore, domestic and foreign technology giants have established quantum computing laboratories or research institutes to develop quantum computing technology.

the report emphasizes that Baidu’s long-term layout and research in the field of quantum computing has made it a leader in many breakthroughs and is in the forefront of the world. In 2018, baidu established the Quantum Computing Institute to carry out research on quantum computing software and information technology applications. Based on Baidu’s strong basic technology capabilities and cloud computing and other core businesses, the Institute focuses on the research and development of quantum algorithm, quantum AI application and quantum architecture, develops quantum computing platform, and connects with different quantum hardware systems through flexible and efficient quantum hardware interface, and outputs quantum computing capability in the form of cloud computing.

in 2019, in the open class of Baidu AI developer conference, baidu released the “quantum pulse” of the world’s leading and domestic first quantum pulse system on the cloud. Quantum pulse is a quantum pulse computing system developed by Baidu Institute of quantum computing. It is suitable for the rapid generation and optimization of quantum logic gate pulses on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and superconducting quantum computing platforms. As the first quantum pulse computing system based on cloud platform, pulse can be used as a bridge to connect quantum hardware and software in addition to good performance indicators. In May, Baidu PaddlePaddle released quantum machine learning development tool “measuring Paddle”, which made Baidu PaddlePaddle the first and only deep learning platform supporting quantum machine learning in

. By measuring paddles, developers can not only easily build simple quantum neural networks, but also build models according to abundant quantum machine learning cases. Since the propeller has systematically expanded many underlying functions including complex variables and complex matrix multiplication, the paddle can perfectly support the research on quantum circuit model and general quantum computing, which has excellent universality and expansibility.

in addition, recently, baidu Research Institute also announced the latest progress, pre released the quantum computing platform “quanyifu”, which can be used to program, simulate and run quantum computers, and provide a quantum computing environment for quantum infrastructure services. At the same time, baidu is also building a sustainable quantum computing ecosystem to promote the development of quantum computing together with academia and industry.

Nowadays, quantum computing and research in related fields have become an important development direction of many giant companies. The research progress of quantum computing will also feed back artificial intelligence and cloud computing, adding momentum to the development of new infrastructure. In the wave of new infrastructure construction, domestic giant enterprises represented by Baidu are becoming the backbone of China’s scientific research.

in the future, Baidu will also continue to rely on a series of independent and controllable new AI technology infrastructure such as Baidu brain and propeller to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, and lead the “highlight moment” of quantum computing in China.