Baidu cooperates with the new generation of AI science and education platform “Zhihai” to build a new mode of compound AI talent training

On December 8, the “digital economy and intelligent manufacturing Xiaoshan summit” and 2020 Chinese University Computer Science and technology summit, jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Xiaoshan District People’s government, Baidu company and National University Computer Education Research Association, and jointly organized by Zhejiang University Artificial Intelligence Institute, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Xiaoshan District Science and Technology Bureau The awarding ceremony of the final of the competition artificial intelligence creative competition was held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The summit brought together a group of experts and scholars with innovative spirit, outstanding young people and leading enterprises to jointly pay attention to and discuss the development prospects and trends of digital economy and intelligent manufacturing, the revolutionary driving force of intelligent manufacturing on new economic model, and the demand for intelligent manufacturing talents. It has built an interdisciplinary communication platform of “Ai empowerment, industry university cooperation, innovation leading and cross integration”. Pan Yunhe, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, head of national new generation artificial intelligence Strategic Advisory Committee, head of advisory group of artificial intelligence technology innovation action plan of Ministry of education, former executive vice president of Chinese Academy of engineering, pan jiluan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Tsinghua University, international famous welding expert, President of Southwest Associated University Beijing Alumni Association and team Feng Dr. Xiaobing, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, vice president of China Society of mechanical engineering and vice president of China graphics society, made keynote reports respectively. Wu Tian, vice president of Baidu group and deputy director of National Engineering Laboratory of deep learning technology and application, shared the reports as enterprise representatives. Ni Shiying, deputy director of Xiaoshan District People’s government, and song Xinjian, member of the Party group and inspector of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, delivered a speech on the spot. The awarding ceremony of 2020 China University computer competition artificial intelligence creative competition was held ceremoniously. 43 university teams and dozens of their instructors won awards and prizes. As an important part of the summit,

and Baidu have held a cooperation ceremony to launch the new generation AI education platform. The two sides said they will jointly build a micro authentication curriculum system for deep learning of AI, on the one hand, play a deep understanding and rich teaching experience of university teachers, and on the other hand, Baidu PaddlePaddle will provide trainees with practical training for industrial practice. At the same time, the two sides hope that through the union of universities and enterprises, they can shoulder the mission of artificial intelligence science and technology education and industry university cooperation, better promote the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents, and finally realize the extensive implementation of artificial intelligence. < / P > < p > with the rapid development of science and technology revolution and industrial reform, the digital economy is booming. Actively promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and guiding the deep integration of digital economy and intelligent manufacturing are the “dual engines” to promote the high-quality development of the real economy. At the meeting, academician pan Yunhe delivered a keynote speech, and he proposed: “the emergence of 5g will make the industrial Internet enter a new stage. In addition to 5g, the trend of AI towards 2.0 will have a great impact on industrial Internet platforms and applications, including five levels: Factory intelligence, enterprise management intelligence, product innovation intelligence, supply chain link intelligence and economic regulation intelligence. ” < p > < p > is known as “the strongest welder in China”. Academician pan jiluan, 94 years old, introduced the crawling intelligent welding robot to you through video. He stressed that it is necessary to protect intellectual property rights, maintain the brand of China’s intelligent manufacturing, and constantly innovate, so that the achievements of scientific researchers can be transferred to enterprises and transformed into products. Only in this way can scientific research achievements be valuable. He invited Dr. Feng Xiaobing, a core member of the team, to give a detailed introduction and presentation on the spot. The theme report shared by Tan Jianrong, an expert in intelligent manufacturing and academician Tan Jianrong of Zhejiang University, analyzes the important role of key technologies in the development of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy, and looks forward to the future of intelligent manufacturing under the support of digital and artificial intelligence. Operating system, China’s

Wu Tian, who has made a speech as the representative of the enterprise, said that open source and open technology have become an important mode of technological innovation and industrial development. The open source and open platform, represented by Baidu PaddlePaddle’s deep learning platform, is the operating system of the intelligent Era. It has also strengthened the current China’s innovation base, and has helped the intelligent manufacturing industry achieve a lot of intelligence. Application. < p > < p > is the first open-source and fully functional industrial level deep learning platform developed by Baidu in China. After several iterations and upgrades, it has four leading advantages: convenient deep learning framework, super large-scale deep learning model training technology, multi terminal and multi platform deployment of high-performance push engine, industry and open-source model library. In the intelligent manufacturing industry, the propeller has been widely used. 3C micro parts detection, notebook shell detection, assembly lamp detection and other solutions based on the propeller have achieved fast speed, high accuracy and greatly improved efficiency. In addition, the flying paddle also provides the base for the AI production of all trades and professions. The Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI product developed by the company covers the Internet, industry, agriculture, finance, city, medical, energy, education and other industries. It is worth mentioning that this year, the state stressed that it is necessary to fully understand the importance and urgency of promoting the development of quantum science and technology, and strengthen the strategic planning and systematic layout of quantum science and technology development. Duan runyao, director of the Quantum Computing Institute of Baidu Research Institute, also delivered a speech at the summit: “the advanced achievements in quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum precision measurement will be gradually integrated into the technological development and application of artificial intelligence.” Professor Wu Fei, director of the Institute of artificial intelligence, Zhejiang University, Wang yuanzhuo, President of the big data Research Institute of the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Wenwu of Zhejiang University also delivered keynote speeches. < p > < p > at the round table forum of “the present and future of intelligent revolution”, Chen Guang of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Bi ran, outstanding architect of Baidu and person in charge of flying propeller products, Wang yuanzhuo of Institute of computing technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, he Qinming, professor of Zhejiang University, Li Jiwei, founder of Xiangnong technology, and Dong Zhiye, head of intelligent logistics of ChuanHua group, and other guests discussed. In the “14th five year plan” proposal, it is emphasized that “intelligent manufacturing” is the key development goal in the next stage. With the continuous emergence of new technologies and new formats, the power of AI to gather global wisdom and help global economic recovery become more prominent. < / P > < p > the day before the summit, 2020 China University computer competition – artificial intelligence creative competition just completed the fierce competition in the finals. Dozens of teams from Peking University, Wuhan University, Beijing University of science and technology, East China Jiaotong University, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology, Guilin University of Electronic Science and technology, Sichuan Agricultural University and other universities have won the first, second and third prizes of innovation group and enabling group. Awards were given to the award-winning teams and instructors at the summit. < / P > < p > it is reported that 2020 “China University computer competition – artificial intelligence creative competition” is an AI competition for college students with high specification and wide coverage. Since 2018, it has been held for three consecutive times. More than 6000 college students from all over the country have signed up for the competition, covering 100% of the double first-class universities. At the same time, it has attracted foreign well-known colleges and foreign students to participate in the competition. The competition aims to stimulate students’ innovation consciousness, enhance the ability of artificial intelligence innovation and application, cultivate team spirit, promote inter school communication, enrich campus academic atmosphere, and promote talent cultivation under the “artificial intelligence + X” knowledge system. < / P > < p > the talent echelon construction in the intelligent era, especially the talent demand in the field of intelligent manufacturing, is also the focus of attention of experts, scholars and enterprise representatives. Professor Wu Fei, director of the Institute of artificial intelligence of Zhejiang University and leader of the working group of the artificial intelligence innovation action plan of the Ministry of education, said in the sharing that he hoped that through the new generation of artificial intelligence science and education platform of Zhihai, colleges and universities could rely on the AI ability accumulated by enterprises to cultivate more excellent AI talents. Lu Bibo of Henan University of technology, Liu Xiaoqiang of Donghua University, Fu Minglei of Zhejiang University of technology, Guo Zhen of Central South University and Cui Yuanhao of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications conducted in-depth discussions on the topic of “scientific research education and innovative practice”. Everyone agreed that to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence, promoting school enterprise cooperation is a crucial and indispensable step. < p > < p > Baidu has built a full cycle service system covering learning, practice, competition, certification and employment by taking the open-source artificial intelligence platform as the innovation base to help personnel training. For enterprises, it has set up training programs such as Huangpu University, AI private club and AI express lane; for universities, it has set up deep learning teacher training courses, supporting more than 200 colleges and universities to set up artificial intelligence courses. So far, Baidu has trained more than 1 million AI talents. In the next five years, Baidu will cultivate 5 million AI talents, providing AI talents guarantee for the development of China’s intelligent economy and intelligent society. < p > < p > in 2020, “new infrastructure” will become a strong driving force for rapid economic recovery and high-quality economic development after the epidemic. Baidu, as the “head goose” in the domestic AI field, will continue to innovate technology in the future, actively cooperate with the government, enterprises, universities and other parties to establish a talent cultivation ecology, accelerate the penetration of AI into industry, society and life, and accelerate the development of intelligent economy. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing