Baidu input method actively create lamp effect and ecological linkage, the new version of the first streamer keyboard

Once, parents used letters to record each other. Now with mobile phones, it has become the most effective tool for people to communicate. Naturally, whether the mobile phone input method is easy to use or not has become the key to upgrade the user experience. The quality of many mobile phone input methods is uneven, many users can not distinguish which is easy to use and which is not. After experiencing the new version of Baidu input method, the author thinks that whether it is its new skin, cool lighting effect, or the ease of use and innovation of its functions, I think it is more in line with your needs. Compared with the author also want to briefly talk about my experience of using Baidu input method for a period of time, hoping to have certain reference significance for you to choose which input method. Before experiencing, let’s talk about the development of Baidu input method. Baidu, as the leading enterprise of the Internet, has been occupying a large wave of resources on the Internet with its powerful search engine. Naturally, it has started AI research and development without exception. Whether it is high-tech such as artificial intelligence such as automatic driving technology, it is under intensive research and development. Therefore, since last year, baidu input method has officially announced the opening of the “Ai input full sensitive input 2.0” era It means that on the basis of the traditional typing method, baidu input method will make typing smarter and more efficient by AI intelligent way. For example, using the popular voice, expression or action, you can accurately identify and communicate. I also feel great in the actual experience. < / P > < p > in the newly updated Baidu input method version 9.3.5, it brings a new streamer keyboard, and supports four parallel light effects: ripple, laser, imprint and flame. At the same time, through the linkage with major E-sports factories, it accurately restores the keyboard style and light effect for us. At the same time, in terms of sound effect and touch, it also makes the experience as close to the real keyboard as possible Users bring better looking and practical cool skin. In addition to bringing skin upgrade, baidu input method also released a very easy-to-use function, officially named it “offline Chinese English free talk”. From the naming point of view, the word offline means that in the case of complete disconnection, it can realize Chinese English literal translation, which means that it has a wider scope of application and more application scenarios. The specific experience of the two can be seen after reading the following. < / P > < p > as mentioned earlier, baidu input method has cooperated with large E-sports manufacturers, including Logitech, ASUS Rog, cherry and other manufacturers. After practical experience, the author thinks that the two types of skin are more related. First of all, it is a skin called Rog flare flame, which is mainly black and white. The font has been specially processed to make it look different from other input methods and more recognizable. At the same time, in the detail design, it also accurately restores the appearance of the real mechanical keyboard and has a more striking feeling. In terms of equivalence, each time you press the keyboard, you can bring it with you To the unique RGB light effect, let it look very cool, very suitable for the use of beauty party. < / P > < p > in addition, baidu input method also has g913 TKL, cherry 10.0-laser, cool top sk622 – imprint three streamer skin, the author selected g913 TKL ripple’s unique skin is a keyboard of Logitech. Unlike other keyboards, its design is very simple and generous. When typing letters, the surrounding keys will instantly drive the surrounding buttons to emit multiple light effects. It looks like a dragonfly skimming water, which can bring users a more pleasant typing experience. Meanwhile, the design of TKL Lianyi is very simple and generous The sound effect and touch of the virtual keyboard will upgrade its basic experience again, and it is expected to become the most popular one among these skin types. < / P > < p > in fact, baidu input method and big IP, such as the recent joint name with large E-sports companies, or once with well-known games or animation, all highlight the baidu input method’s desire to impress consumers with its sincerity. Facts have proved that this road really works. We can boldly imagine whether Baidu input method can cooperate with more popular industries in the future. For example, in recent years, the mobile phone industry’s popular linkage with big brand cars will bring more cool skin and light effects. Or we can change the way of thinking, through the ecological linkage with the host computer, PC and other fields, not only can bring more theme lighting effect and skin, but also can deeply adapt to the function of the terminal, so as to achieve the balance of practicability and beauty. I think Baidu input method will develop towards diversification in the future, and bring more convenient and fresh black technology to users. < / P > < p > after experiencing, the new version of Baidu input method has given the input method a new soul, especially the cooperation between streamer keyboard and large peripheral equipment manufacturers. It is also expected that Baidu input method can bring more beautiful skin and more easy-to-use functions in the future= type=wpautoterms_ page&p=931&preview=true target=_ blank>Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia