Baidu input method updated: the ultimate dazzle color! Mobile phone can also experience the game machine keyboard!

After the purchase of a new mobile phone, every personalized setting of the mobile phone is worth a deep knock. Personalization is not only to make the mobile phone more beautiful, but also a reflection of the user’s mood. < / P > < p > the personalized screen of mobile phone can not only be photos of lovers, group photos with family members, big head photos of pets at home, but also various strange and interesting pictures on the Internet. But have you ever paid attention to the personalization of input method? As a domestic search engine widely praised by users, Baidu’s input method also has more than 300 million users. According to the data from the vivo app store, Baidu’s input method has a high rating of 4.6 points, and has 52.22 million installation downloads, surpassing many input methods of the same type. < / P > < p > the recently updated version of Baidu input method is newly launched. In addition to the full sensory input of AI into the field, the most attractive thing for young users is the Quanzhou analog mechanical keyboard. < / P > < p > as we all know, mechanical keyboard is different from the general keyboard. Each key uses a separate “axis” to control its closing. Its “axis” can also be divided into green axis, red axis, white axis, black axis, tea axis, etc. It is these different “axes” that bring users the ultimate input experience. The smooth and dynamic pressure from fingertips is what many young boys who love E-sports pursue. However, with such technology, the price of mechanical keyboard is also relatively expensive, which makes more boys want it. Baidu input method simulates the experience of using mechanical keyboard on the keyboard of mobile phone input method. Although the mobile phone screen is only a glass plane, baidu input method simulates the real feeling of using mechanical keyboard by the sound, color and dynamic of keys. < / P > < p > Baidu input method even sets different input method keyboard skins according to different brands of mechanical keyboards on the market. Now participating in the cooperation are Logitech g, Rog player country, hyperx, American pirate ship four major manufacturers. < / P > < p > currently, there are eight streamer keyboards: Cherry 10.0-laser, g913 TKL ripple, Rog flare flame, cool top sk622 mark, Logitech g-true color wave, Rog dazzle color tide, pirate ship K70 new color raindrop, hyperx full-color breath, all of which are designed based on the real mechanical keyboard experience. As long as you turn on the streamer keyboard function, you can experience the streamer effect of 16.8 million colors, and simulate the feeling of keyboard experience. You can feel that with this keyboard, no matter what game you play, you can win five games! < / P > < p > of course, baidu input method is also very friendly for girls. The basic personalized styles are Yuanqi maiden series and summer time series, while forest Collection Series interprets the meaning of multi-functional skin expansion. Each button can be customized into a common shortcut phrase to maximize user experience. < / P > < p > in addition to the existing personalized skin settings, users can also customize the input method skin according to their preferences, such as changing into a photo of their pet. Each press of a button is like rubbing a fluffy little face, making the mood of work at work instantly easier. < / P > < p > perfect touch, instant response, listen to what you say and understand what you think. This is the charm of Baidu input method. What are you waiting for? Try downloading one! Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer