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According to Hong Kong media, Ho Youqi, the son of the late gambling king ho hung Shen, shocked his wife to steal Alice Chung, a 20-year-old girl, yesterday (25). But it is reported that he Youqi and his wife Qi Jiao had already gone through divorce procedures a few months ago. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and He Youqi’s two girls appeared in the airport this morning (26). They were also returning to Shanghai’s home with two girls. It seems to be avoiding…

according to 26 reports from the Korean Central News Agency, 1 suspected cases of new crown pneumonia were found in the city of Kaesong City. Reported that the novel coronavirus pneumonia suspect cases fled to Korea three years ago, and illegally crossed the border between Korea and Korea in July 19th. According to the above novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Korean side has judged the new pneumonia. According to the above results, Huang Yumeng, a female college student who came to Qinghai for tourism, has lost 17 days to his family on

7 24. According to the information provided by her family, Huang Yumeng arrived in Golmud, Qinghai Province by train from Nanjing on July 5. On the morning of July 7, she contacted a friend on wechat and said that she had bought a lot of good things to take back to her friends and family. Family members…

as past people, the filling of college entrance examination volunteers is even more important than college entrance examination scores. Talk about some pit B majors, and the status quo of voluntary application in China, dry goods

[withdrawal] Huamulan North America filing on August 21, it’s not as good as next year. It’s hard to say when the U.S. epidemic will end this year.

it’s really selected by 500 small deaf shrimps, and Sangong Mengjia group is the best Seeing a stage play, Meng Jia was eliminated, and Zhang Yuqi’s group was the worst.

official police report! Hangzhou strange missing woman confirmed to be killed, 55 year old husband suspected of major crimes, has been taken criminal coercive measures.

at 12:41 on July 23, the tianwen-1 probe was successfully launched, which started the Mars exploration journey and took the first step in China’s planetary exploration. Come on, Tianwen one, Mars, we’re here!

on the 22nd, some netizens said that they saw Siwen Chenglu at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and they were suspected of divorce. Just now, Cheng Lu announced in a micro blog post that the two had divorced. He wrote: “after friendly negotiation, Siwen and I have indeed gone through the divorce procedures, and have become brothers from husband and wife.” Recently, some media photographed Zhang Yishan and came to songyanfei’s residential area late at night after a party with friends. The next morning, song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan walked out of the community one after another. The man also changed a dress, and then they left in a car together. They were suspected to have lived together. It is reported that the two had more than one same item before, and were rumored to be in love last year

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