“Baokemeng” the spirit from outer space has started from the first generation of Pipi?

Over the past several generations, there have been a lot of baokemeng set from outer space, including Moonstone, solar rock, Diogenes and so on. There are also claims that extreme animals are believed to exist on other planets. In fact, the association of baokemeng in outer space has been set up since the early times It’s just that in the early generation, such a setting was relatively conservative. Therefore, there is no direct evidence to prove that some of the Baoke dreams of the early generation came from outer space, and the Pipi family is the most closely related to outer space. So, how did the outer space baokemeng people who had inspiration from the early generation develop step by step? < / P > < p > in the early setting, the Pipi family had an inseparable relationship with the moon. In the sixth episode of Muji, Pipi and the stone of the moon, Li Ke, the character of the episode, mentioned that baokemeng all came from outer space, and the moon stone was the spaceship they took. Although such an idea was somewhat impractical, the Pipi family wanted to build it from behind If the rocket flies to outer space to see, the Pippi may actually come from the far away moon. < / P > < p > also from the early generation of animation, some spirits related to outer space began to appear, including the sea star family, which is also considered to be from outer space creatures, the Moonstone and solar rock that came to baokemeng world with meteorites, the cosmic virus daioxis, and the Daewoo family, which are considered as alien creatures. These prototypes of baokemeng are all realistic What is related to space is either a product of space itself. If viewed from the perspective of Baoke dream world, it can only show that there are creatures similar to those in Baoke dream world. Then, it is not absurd that Li Ke said at the beginning that baokemeng all came from outer space. < / P > < p > in the setting of the seventh generation, it is only said that the research extreme animals are creatures from the polar space of different dimensions, and there is no direct evidence that the extreme animals are from outer space. However, since they are all different worlds, in fact, the research extreme animals are not far away from the outer space creatures. However, from the extreme space, there are human habitats such as the research metropolis From the perspective of place, the world in which the extreme animals live may be more detached from the universe, or even close to the concept of parallel universe. Therefore, it is not easy to draw a conclusion on whether the extreme animals are alien creatures, although solgareo and lunayala are known as the cosmological treasure dream. < p > < p > OK, the above are some associations of baokemeng in outer space. Anyway, judging from baokemeng, human beings are really curious about the universe as always

Author: zmhuaxia