Battery charging pool? Emergency power can play like this! Xtar bc4 gives the novice a move!

Digital bloggers are not all-around bloggers. I’m sorry that I didn’t know much about 1.5V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries before. I didn’t expect to have the emergency weapon of “battery charging pool” as shown in the figure below! Today, I’d like to talk to you about how xtar bc4 can achieve multi-function and flexible standby power supply. < / P > < p > to get to the point, the packaging is as follows. A box of one-line charging package, plus four 1.5V rechargeable lithium batteries of the same size as the No.5 battery, become the complete set. < / P > < p > the brand is xtar, which is a Chinese language “exstar”. It is a professional power supply solution. This new product can charge four batteries at the same time. The model bc4 has passed the RoHS, FCC, CE and other safety certification. The highlight is that it can not only charge 1.5V lithium battery, but also make the lithium battery or universal AAA / AA battery into an emergency standby power supply, which can be used for charging mobile phones and other devices Bao use, there is a third function, that is as a portable flashlight, to provide emergency lighting. < / P > < p > four 1.5V rechargeable lithium batteries have a capacity of 3.3wh. Each battery is packaged in a small paper box, which is part of the package. The charging box itself has a type-C charging cable, which can be used in / out. In addition, the box is equipped with a portable Lanyard and an instruction manual in multiple languages. < / P > < p > there are usb-a and C ports on one side, and a flashlight LED on the other side; the specifications of 1.5V rechargeable lithium batteries are exactly the same as those of ordinary alkaline and nickel hydrogen batteries, and alkaline batteries can also be installed in the four compartments of the battery compartment. Only when the alkaline batteries are put in, do not charge inward, only output outwards. < / P > < p > the anti rust treatment of the battery bin electrode is in place, the electrode contact is good, the spring end is strong enough, and the battery will not shake after being put in, so as to avoid potential safety hazard during charging. Ribbon on one side for easy battery removal. < p > < p > < p > 75x79x21mm small size, flame retardant PC material, smooth transition at four corners, comfortable holding by one hand; supporting battery models include Li ion, IMR, INR, ICR batteries of 1.5V, and Ni MH with nominal voltage of 1.2V AA / AAA battery; gray translucent cover design, can roughly see the situation of the battery in the bin; not using clear full penetration, may be to avoid daily use of scratches after seeing clearly, this point you will feel with transparent box cover. < / P > < p > xtar bc4 sets a red and green indicator for each battery bin, which indicates different states in different modes. For example, if you install the battery and click on the power supply, you can directly see which of the four batteries has power. If there is power, the green light is on, and if there is no power, it will not be on. < / P > < p > the self-contained 1.5V rechargeable lithium battery can be recharged by using the charging box after it is exhausted. At this time, bc4 is a standard charger. Plug the self-contained type-C into port C, and connect the usb-a at the other end to the charging head or charging head interface above 5v1a. At this time, the red indicator light is always on. If any battery is fully charged, the color of the corresponding indicator will change from red to green. < / P > < p > when the power is supplied to the outside of the power bank, the four indicator lights are the 100% / 75% / 50% / 25% segmented indication of the power bank, and 1-4 green indicator lights are always on. < / P > < p > in the following figure, we found several Purple Rice 5 alkaline batteries in my house. We can see that xtar bc4 detected that the first one on the left was a little bit, while the other three were indeed waste batteries that I had removed from the quartz clock. The indicator light did not light, indicating that the battery was basically exhausted. < / P > < p > the test tool is power-z. xtar bc4 does not support fast charging. The measured power is redmi 10x 5g, and the power is about 6.28w when charging. At most 4 xtar 1.5V rechargeable lithium batteries can be recharged with fast charging mobile power supply, and the measured charging power of charging box is about 7.47w. < / P > < p > in addition, the measured lighting function can be used simultaneously with the outward charging function. Of course, emergency use does not expect how much backup power it has. If you only have an alkaline battery on hand, you can also save the life of your mobile phone, which is the ultimate use. < / P > < p > highlights: three functions: flashlight, power bank and charger. For digital coffee, the emergency use of “ordinary battery charging mobile phone lithium battery” is just needed; it is compact and portable, which can provide additional power backup assistance for users with common batteries; the battery compartment indicator light can be used as a tool to intuitively judge the battery power. < / P > < p > conclusion: four independent slots, 5 / 7 rechargeable batteries, compact and portable, C port 5V 2.1a standard fast charging, emergency charging or lighting, it is worth standby for people with bear baby, outdoor equipment and digital coffee. Science Discovery