be careful! Hohhot many people mobile phones were stolen by this pair of men and women!

In the video, a man in a black coat walks into the foot therapy shop where Mr. Xing works. After entering the room, he first walked into the hall, then slowly stepped back to the front desk of the foot massage shop. All of a sudden, his hand quickly reached out to the desk at the front desk. Although it was only a second, he took away the mobile phone that Mr. Xing’s wife had put on the front desk. Mr. Xing said that at that time, there were only two people in the shop, he and his wife. His wife was massaging a customer, and he didn’t pay attention to the man and the woman at all. Mr. Xing thought they were customers and were busy fetching water to fix feet for women. However, the water is not good, the woman suddenly said something had to go quickly, followed by the man also out of the door. When Mr. and Mrs. Xing are busy and ready to clean up after work, they find that the mobile phone is missing. Mr. Xing quickly calls the police. The police made a detailed record for Mr. Xing, but also told Mr. Xing that this man and a woman had stolen mobile phones more than once. < p > < p > and a month ago, the merchant next to Mr. Xing’s foot therapy shop was also robbed of a mobile phone. Mr. Xing took out the video and compared it to find that it was really a case done by the same gang. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year