Be careful, someone’s got it! Wechat releases important reminders!

Recently, Ms. Yang posted a house rental information on the Internet. A few days later, a woman surnamed Zhang took the initiative to contact her. She told Ms. Yang that she had just transferred to work locally and planned to rent the house. Later, she transferred 3000 yuan through wechat “kinship card” as a deposit for the house. However, it did not take long for Zhang to “repent”.

at this time, Zhang asked Ms. Yang to return the deposit on the ground that the “kinship card” was not easy to use, and Ms. Yang also operated according to Zhang’s steps and presented her with a “kinship card” with a limit of 3000 yuan. But just after the card was donated, Ms. Yang’s mobile phone appeared a number of consumption reminders. After contacting Zhang, she found that she was pulled black, and Ms. Yang quickly called the police.

what’s the problem? The key point of the whole case is the “kinship card”. If you take a few more minutes to learn about kinship cards, this may not happen. Wechat official has also issued an important reminder. Let’s have a look at it ↓

the kinship card simply means that the parents and children will pay for the expenses, so that the relatives can spend more easily. The amount of each card is 0.01-3000 yuan per month. A total of 4 kinship cards can be opened.

after receiving the kinship card, the card will be automatically saved into the page of wechat wallet, and the kinship card will be preferred for payment. After receiving the kinship card, both the giver and the recipient can be unbound at any time.

do you understand? In short, the cheater’s “kinship card” is a “empty check” and cannot complete the payment. There is no money in the balance of the other party’s wechat, or the bound bank card is a blank card.

but since most users will bind bank cards, credit cards and other accounts via wechat, the “kinship card” you transferred to can be used. The swindler will immediately consume the money in your card after receiving the “kinship card” you sent him, and then untie it and disappear.

Author: zmhuaxia