be taken by surprise! New machine officially announced, or with snapdragon 865plus + 5000mA battery

Hello everyone, many people call me “strange guy of audio player”. In fact, this is not the case. I have been named “the leader of Taurus cult” in the headphone bar, but I am afraid that I will be regarded as an organization. Therefore, we should call me strange guy. The mobile phone industry can always make people feel an unexpected feeling from their hearts. Some people will ask what is unexpected Is that right? In fact, in the early days, maybe it was performance. But with the rapid development of the industry, do you still think it is performance and processor? Obviously not, especially with the development of the mobile phone industry in 2020, sometimes I also express a kind of “bewilderment”. Which step will the flagship mobile phone take in the future? Because there has been a bottleneck in performance, the appearance is basically extreme. “From simple color matching to the ability to use light to cultivate the ultimate aesthetic visual effect” < / P > < p > seriously, sometimes it is interesting to think about the development direction of the mobile phone industry now, because if we only look at it from the perspective of performance processor, maybe it will There are some biases, because you know, after all, the industry has reached a very diversified stage, we must look at the problem dialectically, which is more rational. < / P > < p > I don’t know how many people think about mobile phones? Is only concerned about the mainstream brand or performance-based, and even many people think that the mobile phone is based on the appearance, anyway, it is right! However, one thing to be clear is that not only mainstream brands can have innovation, but also a lot of brands that are not popular or have little brand public opinion can also have great innovation. Today, we can tell you from the official poster that ASUS zenfone7 has been officially announced. At the same time, the camera reform is really a sudden shock, as our consumers In terms of whether there will be a feeling of heart, after all, flip the camera to understand, this design is really worth encouraging and praising, but still have a rational idea, because you understand? The ASUS brand is very popular in the IT industry, but it has a tepid effect in the mobile phone industry. Therefore, if you really want this machine, you must first like the brand of ASUS and like the experience of ASUS mobile phone. Only in this way can you have the right to pursue the flipped camera. Don’t just like the flipped camera and forget yourself. < / P > < p > back to the product itself. In fact, this ASUS zenfone7 can be seen from the science and technology website and official posters that the camera is flip design. At the same time, there is a strong mutation in the configuration. From the processor to the network, even Bluetooth, there are unexpected changes, because the information in that database shows that the processor is the Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus, and the network supports Wi Fi 6. Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0, which is not the key to reason. To me, the key to this machine is to truly fulfill the traditional function of the mobile phone, because the use of 5000 Ma battery < / P > < p > is obviously the code name of the flagship. However, it is difficult to find a product with a 5000mA battery for the flagship mobile phone at present. Therefore, the strong battery capacity of the machine has laid a solid foundation for future sales In terms of quantity, it may want to be a worry free, powerful performance, focusing on the biggest welfare of mobile game party. At the same time, flip camera can not be ignored. After this design is exposed, do you think ASUS zenfone7 will be cheaper? Certainly not. At the same time, there is also a conjecture that the maximum support for storage is 16GB and scalable storage design. < / P > < p > at the end! After watching the exposure mobile phone of the science and technology website, can you guess the price with the configuration already known by ASUS zenfone7? Anyway, it will not be cheap. After all, the performance is strong, the function is more black technology, and the key innovation ability is also very sufficient. < p > < p > note: the leader does not praise any brand, so it is easy to be questioned as “water army” or “take money”. There will be many readers saying that “Xiaobian XXX” and other disharmonious factors. However, what I said is to judge a product from the perspective of the interests of the majority of users, so that everyone can choose machines rationally. I hope you like < a href= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865