Beauty is not equal to “beauty” than you know how the self-made vivo S7 is refined?

Self shooting is a “full motion” which has been rapidly rising since the birth of the front lens of mobile phone. With the development of social network, this form of self display has captured users of all ages. The biggest difference between online and offline social networking lies in the information asymmetry and unreal. In order to get more recognition, “beauty” software came into being. In fact, PS software has been born for a long time, but for non professional users, the high learning cost is obviously not suitable for the social mode of the new era. < / P > < p > the essence of beauty software is actually a PS algorithm written by a programmer. Through simple and crude application, users can achieve the effect of “one click beauty and thin face”. Ten years ago, the pixels of smart phones were still moving. With their own filter and one button skin grinding, they could satisfy the users at that time. However, with the continuous development of the smartphone industry, the front lens pixel is also constantly improving. With the development of society and the change of aesthetics, the simple and crude “thin face + skin grinding” is obviously no longer suitable for the current social needs. Different people have different definitions of beauty, and personal aesthetic is also a very subjective factor. If the self portrait ten years ago is equal to beauty, then after ten years self portrait is more about accepting yourself and showing your unique beauty. Once simple and crude beauty software has been replaced by the built-in natural beauty algorithm. Today’s mobile phone users still have a strong demand for selfie, and they need a mobile phone with powerful self timer function and real effect. Recently, the domestic brand vivo released its S7 new camera, which is the main photo maker. Thanks to the endorsement of Lisa, Liu Haoran and other spokesmen, it has instantly swept the hot list of major social networks. Throughout the product line of vivo mobile phones, there are nex, which explores technology, and X series, which focuses on fashion photography. The S series, however, focuses its attention and energy on selfie. The latest release of vivo S7, from software to hardware, fully meets the needs of current users for selfie. < / P > < p > vivo is a brand that pursues perfection, which is embodied in S7. With the rapid development of 5g, users and industries are looking forward to the changes brought to us by this new communication technology. However, due to the antenna design, internal components, battery life and other reasons, “weight gain” has become the fate of 5g mobile phones. And this point, can be said to be contrary to the photo scene. Because whether it is self shooting or hand-held photography, there are very important requirements for the feel of the hand. However, vivo has been keenly aware of the needs of users and has paid a lot of manpower and material resources for it. The 7.39mm thick and 170g weight vivo S7 is the ultimate self portrait experience that vivo brings to users. This weight, even if you look at a number of 4G models, is still very good. As a representative of the beauty of domestic mobile phones, vivo’s ID design has been quite experienced. This S7, is to feel and feel to the extreme. < / P > < p > the design of double-sided glass + metal middle frame is very common, so vivo has made great efforts in details. The sanding technology of the back plate, the round metal frame and the natural seamless material connection make the vivo S7 present a quality feeling beyond the price. Of course, in order to realize the coexistence of functionality and lightness, vivo has done a lot of work in the places that can’t be seen in the fuselage. < / P > < p > ultra thin integrated black polarizer, ultra-thin dual nano stack holder + ultra-thin sub plate, high energy density cell, and front lens module with TTL thickness of 4.2mm, have created such a light and thin fuselage. The light and thin fuselage not only brings better hand feeling, but also reduces the pressure when holding the camera with one hand. Regardless of the hardware and algorithms, vivo S7 can make users feel happy once they start. < / P > < p > for the front selfie, many previous vivo models have unique ingenuity. Whether it’s “soft light double photo to illuminate your beauty” or “backlight is also clear”, it’s vivo’s exploration and innovation for self portrait. This time, vivo S7 has further explored the users’ needs and pain points when using the front lens for self shooting, and has brought 44 million AF wide-angle dual camera. Different from the rear multi lens module, the front lens has always been slightly inferior in clarity and practicability. Vivo brings a 1 / 2.65 inch isocell slim GH1 mobile image sensor for S7. With PDAF phase detection auto focusing technology, it can achieve a distance of 15cm to infinity, and ensure the clarity of self-image at the pixel and diagonal levels. < / P > < p > previously, the eye tracking and super night scene self shooting 2.0, which were brilliant in the X series, further expand the application scenarios of vivo S7 in self shooting. Vivos7 is equipped with a dual camera with 44 million pixels of main camera and 8 million pixels of super wide angle auxiliary camera. 105 super wide angle lens, self shooting range is twice as much as ordinary 78 ° lens. Compared with the traditional single camera, the range of view is larger, even if it is self portrait by multiple people, it can be perfect hold wish < / P > < p > compared with professional photography equipment, the advantage of mobile phone is that it is portable and easy to carry. But to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 & gt; 2, hardware, software optimization and function algorithm are indispensable. Vivo S7 can be said to be a very thorough study of the problems and needs that users will encounter when taking selfie, and has carried out centralized optimization from the hardware and software levels. For users, this seems to be a simple upgrade, but it brings about a doubling of the actual experience. < / P > < p > if the front is to show yourself, then the rear camera is used to record the fleeting beauty of life. Compared with the difficulty of using the SLR camera, the advantages of mobile phone lie in its simple operation, rich functions and convenient sharing. Vivo makes full use of these advantages and achieves the effect of “multi camera cooperation, 1 + 1 & gt; 2” in the post module. < / P > < p > vivo S7 uses a combination of 64 megapixel Ultra HD main camera, ultra wide angle and hierarchical black and white lens. The division and cooperation of multi camera module has always been a very important proposition. The 64 megapixel GW1 ultra high definition main camera is responsible for recording more details and increasing the amount of light in dark light. The super wide angle lens is vivo’s specialty. The super wide field of vision of 120 ° can not only bring a broader vision, but also make up for the incomplete shooting in some scenes. < / P > < p > in addition to hardware, vivo S7 also makes a lot of efforts in software functionality. For example, we are familiar with the night scene 4.0 algorithm, multi style optimization processing, five super texture beauty 3.0, double exposure and so on, which further improve the playability of the camera. Different from professional camera players, mobile phone users need a simple and convenient experience from shooting to later stage to sharing. < / P > < p > as a main camera model, vivo S7 combines software and hardware well to build a complete mobile image ecosystem. Let the user really experience the fun of taking photos. As a mobile phone manufacturer with strong image strength, vivo not only makes efforts in the direction of deeper and higher-end technology in recent years, but also actively listens to the voice of users. The combination of its own advantages and user needs, to create a powerful image of vivo S7. In terms of products, vivo S7 is a light touch and strong image strength model. 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