Before the iPhone 12 came into the market, the comparison of five 200 price anti falling cases

A few days ago, there was a little problem with my UAG anti falling shell. The soft edges on the left and right edges separated from the main body. I didn’t pay much attention to it. As a result, my iPhone 11pro frame was scratched a bit. < / P > < p > UAG should be a small probability. Maybe I’m not very lucky. Although I have another non transparent UAG anti falling shell on hand, I want to change my taste. After all, it has been used for nearly a year. < / P > < p > it is still very useful from the experience that I used the anti falling case for one year. After I replaced the iPhone 11 Pro last year, I often had inexplicable hand sliding and my mobile phone often fell out. During the nine months from last year to this year, I broke four toughened films, but the mobile phone itself was safe and sound. < / P > < p > the five models are UAG, OtterBox dazzling color series, defense color determination, a domestic brand magnetic suction anti drop all inclusive glass shell, and lifeproof slam series. < / P > < p > defense adopts a variety of materials, including transparent PC back shell material, rainbow color aviation grade aluminum alloy material, TPU soft glue and TPE damping material. < / P > < p > you can clearly see the three-layer structure from the detail drawing, and the surrounding aluminum alloy and frame should be higher than the back shell, so as to effectively protect the back shell when the mobile phone is photographed on the ground at a 180 degree angle. < / P > < p > the side view of the structure is also relatively good-looking. At least I asked some female friends that they were generally not interested in UAG, but showed a good interest in neon defense color determination. < / P > < p > the PolyOne cushion airbag absorbing the second impact force is exaggerated in terms of density. The outer TPU absorbs the main impact force, but there will still be a secondary impact force acting on the mobile phone. Through these dense cushion airbags, the remaining impact force can be reduced to the minimum. < / P > < p > the location of the camera is also designed to prevent falling. It is wrapped with soft glue and protrudes the camera by several millimeters. For more and more camera groups, this kind of protection is indispensable. < / P > < p > defense is the most interesting small detail of color determination. The speaker with the bottom facing is designed with a transition hole. The sound originally facing down can converge to the direction of the face. < / P > < p > at a glance, the appearance is the style of UAG design, which is not limited to details. Although it is more delicate than the previous UAG, it is still full of American bold and unrestrained style, which is more popular with men, but less popular with female users. < / P > < p > compared with the number of secondary shock absorption airbags which are exaggerated to explode, UAG keeps a lot of low profile. Of course, I think most consumers still have the reason to buy more anti falling shells of shock absorbing airbags at the same price. < / P > < p > after thinking about the reasons, I think the reason is that in the UAG design concept, the four corners are the most vulnerable parts, so only the UAG products strengthen the four corner design, and the middle frame can be adjusted appropriately. < / P > < p > the straight man design style of UAG is thick and thick, and a special word should be added, especially the protective design strengthened in four corners, which will more or less persuade female users. < / P > < p > maybe because I’m a straight man of steel, I think UAG is still quite to my taste, but the scene of degumming after one year’s use makes me a little depressed. < / P > < p > in my pure personal experience, this shell is more fashionable than lifeproof slam series. In addition to the color matching, I have also taken some care in the design. Of course, the price has also gone up. < / P > < p > the back is made of polycarbonate shell, which reminds me of Nokia. The logo of OtterBox brand is on the bottom. < / P > < p > in the interior, UAG is not used to strengthen the four diagonal design, and lifeproof slam and a large number of middle frame damping materials are not used. The protection mainly depends on the material of the shell itself. < / P > < p > I don’t like the whole glass case very much. It seems to have protective power. In fact, it’s just like the toughened film. It’s easy to sacrifice yourself. It belongs to the loss part. However, I don’t agree with the full package protection of the camera, which will weaken the optical ability of the camera and produce glare or other scenes that damage the image quality. < / P > < p > first, let’s take a look at the weight. If the weight of the anti falling case is increased, the protection ability will also increase, but it is too heavy. With the mobile phones of 200g, the burden is also heavy. < / P > < p > I personally feel that the weight of UAG with iPhone 11 Pro is acceptable, and the color determination is only 3G more than that of UAG, so I can hardly feel the difference. < / P > < p > the lightest OtterBox dazzling color series is actually a relatively weak anti falling Series in the OtterBox series. In terms of camera protection, UAG protection is the deepest, followed by color determination, lifeproof slam and OtterBox. < / P > < p > front protection ability, UAG protection bulge is relatively more, followed by color determination and lifeproof slam, OtterBox dazzle color is also relatively shallow, after all, the overall thickness is low. < / P > < p > in terms of disassembly and assembly, UAG and OtterBox are relatively easy to dazzle, and color determination is a little more troublesome. Lifeproof slam frame material is hard, and installation is more troublesome than the first three. However, it is relatively easy to remove the mobile phone case. I don’t know what design led to this scene < / P > < p > in terms of touch, lifeproof slam is the softest and most comfortable, but the color determination, UAG and OtterBox are similar, which will be slightly hard, but the overall performance is good. < / P > < p > the OtterBox color series that I am most worried about also passed the test. It seems that although the price is high, they all have good anti falling performance. < / P > < p > the color fixing, lifeproof slam and OtterBox series are all series with some fashion factors. Among them, color fixing and OtterBox dazzling color series are two kinds of anti falling shells with cool performance in this review. < / P > < p > finally, the value of the anti falling shell is not worth buying. It depends on your usage habits. For the high-end models of apple and Huawei, I suggest that the last one is more appropriate. After all, the replacement cost is too high. 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