Behind vivo brand upgrade: return hard core technology to consumption experience

There is a famous saying in philosophy movies that when there are two roads for you to choose, the one that can reach the holy city is the most difficult one. < / P > < p > in the business world, what really widens the gap between enterprises is the choice of track. In terms of development strategy, most enterprises will choose to start from a simple road, but later they will find that competitors are full of roads, and the more difficult it is; while a small number of enterprises choose the relatively difficult road from the beginning, and after overcoming the difficulties and difficulties, they usher in the opportunity to ride the wind and waves. < / P > < p > take the mobile phone industry as an example, the innovation of smart phones is entering a double track: one is the safety road to meet the short-term needs of consumers, the other is the future innovation that touches the long-term experience of consumers. Once upon a time, when a mobile phone function that subverted the past appeared in the market, it would inevitably cause a wave of cell phone changes. Today, the time cycle for changing phones has been extended to nearly two years. The mobile phone market is a typical technology driven and user insight integrated industry. At present, the smart phone market has entered an era of micro innovation. Most brands choose to follow the trend or try to impress consumers with the new strategy of minimally invasive details. In fact, it is difficult to form brand differentiation. Ni Xudong, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of vivo, compares this short-term innovation to health care factor. Although it helps manufacturers form competitiveness in the short term, it is also easy to touch the ceiling of technology. < / P > < p > the speed of technological progress always exceeds the speed of market demand, so the gap between hardware upgrading and actual experience is gradually narrowing. For example, although the latest folding screen mobile phone has made bold innovation on the screen, it seems that the mobile phone has regressed to the old-fashioned flip phone. In addition, its fragile performance and high price are not the innovation that most people want. < / P > < p > even though this year is the real first year of 5g popularization, when all technology enterprises are increasing R & D investment to cope with the expected “G-class” generation cycle and new market pattern, users will pay more attention to the close combination of practical application and life of mobile phones. < / P > < p > only disruptive innovation centered on consumer experience has the opportunity to replace cost performance and resonate with the voice of consumers. Just like in the epidemic situation, although the sales of mobile phone market decreased, the average price of mobile phone was rising. It can be seen that a significant trend is that the public users are pursuing better mobile phones, while the desire for “hard core technology” is gradually returning to the feeling of paying more attention to themselves. < / P > < p > it is the insight into the core needs of users that is the long track of smart phone innovation. Vivo has upgraded its brand positioning from “camera & Music” to “camera & Design” with a posture closer to consumers. Although it is a word difference, it reflects the latest strategy of vivo: with the enterprise spirit of “simplicity and joy”, efforts are made to realize the brand pursuit of “joy of humanity”, that is, “technology is not complicated, products are not boring, and users will be excited”. < / P > < p > the upgrading of vivo positioning seems to be releasing a strong signal to the outside world: vivo is promoting the upgrading of brand strength through the upgrading of product strength. As for the products, the X50 series ranked first among the 3000-3500 price models in June this year, while the vivo S6 achieved a million sales in just over one month after its launch Behind the success, it means that vivo brand upgrading has achieved phased results. < / P > < p > according to the China Statistical Information Service Center, when purchasing mobile phones, consumers pay most attention to appearance, while they pay most attention to taking photos in terms of mobile phone functions. In particular, the new generation of consumers are willing to share their stories on social media, and they also want to be given the ability to express and create. This means that consumers need not only a mobile phone, but also an emotional connector that can let them communicate and express more deeply and freely. < / P > < p > in the face of such a big trend, vivo locates “camera”& “Design” is to choose the product to the extreme in the two long-term tracks of “design” and “image”, so that the professional image function can serve the expression of users, let the unique design build a stage of divine communication with users, and consciously make joint efforts at both ends of product force and humanistic feelings to conform to the consumption trend of this era. < / P > < p > this also coincides with the brand concept of “joy of humanity” proposed by vivo, which emphasizes paying attention to the needs and feelings of each user, and at the same time, it conforms to the cultural trend of the times and completes the connection with “camera & Design”, the two major vivo technological innovation long-term tracks. < / P > < p > the industry and users are not surprised by the original intention of “camera”, because for mobile phones, image is not only alpha, but also Omega, which is both the beginning and the end. For a long time, the advanced demand of mobile phone image determines that image will become the long-term technology development direction and product gene of vivo. < / P > < p > and appearance design can often touch the emotional experience of consumers at the first sight, and the aesthetic concept of beauty is justice is popular. At present, vivo has put the concept of “design driven” into the priority of product development this year. < / P > < p > the new s and X series mobile phones launched this year embody vivo’s meticulous polishing of design and image. Meanwhile, with the brand upgrading, vivo has also re sorted out the positioning of X and S series products. < / P > < p > as a high-end flagship of vivo brand, X series is positioned as “professional image flagship”, which is committed to meet the needs of consumers for extreme images, especially post shooting, and highlights the pursuit of elegance, steadiness and texture of high-end users in appearance design. Therefore, the X50 series can be said to be the result of vivo’s comprehensive image ability and differentiated design concept, and it is also regarded by the media and the industry as an important technological “dimension upgrading” milestone in the history of mobile phone image development, which has played an obvious driving force to enhance the brand potential of vivo and the image reputation of products. < / P > < p > however, in S series, young consumers pay more attention to pre filming and prefer products with personality and self style, so they are positioned as “frivolous self portrait flagship”. From S1’s first lift front camera, to S5’s “5-fold super texture self portrait” beauty scheme, to S6’s 32 million front soft light night scene self shooting, each generation of S series new products are committed to providing users with the ultimate self portrait experience. The newly released S7 inherits the design aesthetics of vivo s series and the selfie concept of “let the world see me”. It is equipped with the highest pixel self timer camera of vivo mobile phone in the industry, which will bring profound changes in life and entertainment experience for young people. As a result, vivo is no longer just a mobile phone brand, but a synonym for young culture and fashionable lifestyle. < / P > < p > with the continuous improvement of vivo’s understanding and cognition of consumers and the continuous accumulation of technology, vivo’s products will continue to upgrade, and its brand will also continue to upgrade. < / P > < p > from hi fi & smart, camera & music to today’s camera & design, the reason behind the upgrading of vivo brand positioning is that vivo believes that the closest thing to people’s real emotions is vision and hearing, which can carry more emotions and emotions. It is a way for brands to communicate with consumers more easily and users are more willing to express themselves. According to Ni Xudong in the interview, every brand upgrade reflects vivo’s insight into the needs of consumers. However, whether it is music, video or design, it is to create a brand image that can more resonate with users, impress users and have a clear attitude. It also points out the philosophical transformation relationship between brand upgrading and product upgrading. Brand image is not formed through marketing, but the overall impression formed by consumers based on product experience. Good products and good services can win users’ trust. In turn, users’ trust can enhance brand loyalty, thus forming a positive incentive brand force The flywheel effect. Furthermore, the concept of “the joy of humanity” also enables vivo to find an innovation mode that not only meets the needs of consumers, but also can quickly iterate. In a book, Professor Chen Chunhua talked about three types of enterprises: the temporary winners are opportunists, the periodic winners are pragmatists, and the permanent winners are the long-term ones. < p > < p > in the evolution history of domestic mobile phones for more than 20 years, vivo is the only few successful. From 2g-5g, vivo mobile phone, which has experienced the rise and fall of the industry, has created the technology products loved by generations of users. Behind this, it is because vivo adheres to the “long-term doctrine” that vivo adheres to day and night and is immersed in the cause. < / P > < p > the tactics are right because of victory, and the strategy is because of the correctness. It can be said that the reason why vivo can launch products that meet the needs of users is due to its long-term sustainable innovation ability, rather than the fleeting inspiration. < / P > < p > for example, in the past two years, the most obvious feeling of the outside world about the changes of vivo mobile phones is the progress of technology. X and s new machine in the image and design of outstanding performance, inseparable from the underlying capabilities of mature technology. But it is only the tip of the iceberg of vivo’s technology reserve advantage, which is the natural result of its solid R & D investment accumulation for many years. < / P > < p > in terms of image function, vivo can be called an enterprise with “the whole industry chain system capability of mobile phone image”. It not only has an image R & D team of more than 600 people, which integrates multi-dimensional software and hardware innovation capabilities from lens, image sensor, ISP and fuselage structure design, but also has a photographer team composed of more than 30 people, who is responsible for refining the information of artistic creation level, and then handing it to the R & D team for implementation. It is reported that vivo has invested more than 10 billion yuan in research and development in 2019, which also confirms its courage and courage not to covet small profits at present and to set no upper limit for investment in long-term track. To be a long-term believer, we must achieve value symbiosis. Because in today’s era of global economy, any enterprise and the external competitive environment are symbiotic. In other words, in the face of the current changeable and competitive market, only by practicing the concept of long-term ism and win-win cooperation can we have a foothold in the future market. < / P > < p > we can find that vivo adheres to the headquarters + agent business model in both domestic and global competition. Through the common cultural values and common strategic objectives, vivo gives each agent great authorization and benefits, so that these agents who understand local consumers better and bring better localized services to local consumers. Therefore, vivo’s attitude towards the interest chain has become a unique advantage to support the long-term development of enterprises and to step into the international pace. < / P > < p > on the mobile phone track, which tests creativity and endurance at the same time, vivo, which has become a world-class brand, will start a new stage of brand development in 2020. It is reasonable to believe that in the 5g era, vivo, which has a deep understanding of consumer psychology and accurately grasps the path of innovation, will bring pleasant experience to a wider range of consumers with the advent of new brand positioning and continuous investment in brand building. Baidu co