Belkin announced two new wireless chargers

Belkin has expanded its boost charge product line by introducing a new 16 coil truefree wireless charger and UV disinfectant + wireless charger. If you’re tired of finding the best place to charge on an existing pad, Belkin’s new truefreeform Pro wireless charger may be what you’re looking for. < / P > < p > truefreedom Pro has 16 charging coils built-in, which provides users with free space to place, so that users can charge two devices without worry. The Qi certified truefree Pro charger delivers up to 10W per device and is compatible with most thin cases up to 3mm thick. < / P > < p > truefreeform Pro wireless chargers will be sold on bestbuy and at a retail price of $129.99. For those looking for extra comfort, Belkin also announced boost charge UV sterilizer + wireless charger. According to Belkin, boost charge UV sterilizer + wireless charger can reduce bacteria and bacteria by up to 99.99% by exposing objects to two UV-C LED lights. It can also be used to disinfect any non porous items suitable for the lid, including keys, credit cards, jewelry, etc. < / P > < p > in addition to disinfecting items, it can also provide up to 10W Qi Certified Wireless charging for iPhone. Belkin pointed out that the wireless charger is included in the cover of the device, which means that the boost charge UV sterilizer does not charge the phone while sterilizing. Users who want to buy boost charge UV disinfectant + wireless charger will soon be able to buy it from Belkin’s website for $79.99. Science Discovery