Biden did it again! Following Trump’s lead, Biden’s team announced that tiktok was banned

It is reported that in the process of Trump’s repeated malicious pressure on Chinese enterprises, his rival Biden has not been idle.

the U.S. government and presidential candidates have successively suppressed tiktok, an application that has been loved by users all over the world. The reason is not the software itself, but the United States wants to use it to suppress and restrict China development. The U.S. House of Representatives has just passed a bill banning U.S. government officials from using tiktok, according to

all kinds of domestic chaos in the United States have left the trump government unable to take care of itself. Coupled with the continued downturn in the election, the extent of backwardness in the opinion polls has become increasingly large, and the pressure on trump can be imagined. In this case, trump is in urgent need of transferring the pressure to the outside world, so the trump government began to frequently stir up emotions and make speeches.

for trump, the current economic data of the United States can no longer be an advantage for him to run for president. Therefore, it is necessary to exert pressure on foreign countries in order to show the United States’ international strength and become a means to confuse the people. Biden, the presidential candidate, is also taking advantage of the unfriendly mood of the American people towards China, and tries to fit in with this sentiment in order to win votes for himself.

Biden recently announced that tiktok would be banned from all his campaign staff, just to show his “stance” to the outside world, according to

the US government’s malicious crackdown on Chinese enterprises and Chinese applications has been followed in the United States’ allies. India has previously banned more than 50 Chinese applications at a time. However, under constant threats from the United States, Australia, Japan and other “iron allies” of the United States have expressed their concern about the use of tiktok.

it is reported that tiktok has been banned in some parts of Japan. The U.S. instigated other countries to target China’s applications, which seriously violates national laws and conventions. Its practice of distorting black and white and planting booty and slander on Chinese applications is even more despised by the world.

both trump and Biden pursue the United States’ consistent hegemonism and power politics, and in the near future of the general election, the two candidates will continue to press against China to canvass for themselves. However, this kind of practice of the US political circles will only make the international credibility of the United States continue to decline. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo