“Big cousin 2” players first choose Rog ice blade double screen easy brush achievement

Since the PC version went online, there has also been a boom among players. After all, players have never seen a new game with R star on PC for many years. The game’s cinematic narrative technique, the vivid western world design of the United States, and a variety of play design have been highly praised by players. However, in order to enjoy the best picture of the game and complete various complex mainline and branch tasks in the game, it is necessary not only to have powerful hardware configuration, but also to check strategies while playing, so as to experience the game smoothly and smoothly. Rog ice blade dual screen game book is equipped with Intel Core i9-10980hk plus NVIDIA geforce RTX 2080 super, and max-q design graphics card. The convenience of dual screen design, combined with the stability guarantee of glacier cooling architecture 2.0 pro, brings players an unprecedented smooth game experience. < / P > < p > Rog ice blade dual screen notebook screen adopts a brand-new dual screen design. The main screen is a 300Hz ultra-high refresh rate, 3MS rapid response to the competition screen. At the same time, it supports g-sync technology, which can eliminate the game tearing without affecting the number of game frames. Through Pantone professional color certification, and 100% sRGB color gamut coverage of color richness, can present a wild and industrial coexistence, both the natural primitive scenery, and the traces of human development in the western world. With the exquisite cinematic narrative design of the game, it gives players the best sense of immersion. < / P > < p > the Rog ice blade dual screen has a 14 inch touch screen on the C-side, with a resolution of 3840 * 1100, and a 100% sRGB gamut coverage. When the a side is turned on, the secondary screen of C plane will be raised by 13 ° to provide the user with a more ergonomic visual angle and enhance the heat dissipation effect. Friends who have played know how much interactive content has been designed in order to restore the sense of age and reality. Therefore, to complete all the achievements and tasks in the game has become a matter of considerable time and energy. Therefore, it is normal for players to query various graphic and video strategies when playing the game. However, it is always inconvenient to switch windows back and forth. At this time, the dual screen design reflects its advantages. It is more convenient to watch the graphics and text strategy by touching the screen directly. Watching the video can also compare with the progress of the game on the main screen at any time. Undoubtedly, it greatly improves the completion efficiency for the party. < / P > < p > the most difficult thing in open world games is to simulate the real world. Whether it is the physical laws or the performance of NPC, reasonable feedback is needed to make players feel that the world is alive. However, whether it is the calculation of NPC action or the simulation of various physical effects, the CPU should have a strong data processing ability. Rog ice blade dual screen notebook can be equipped with up to 10 generations of core i9-10980hk processor, with 8 cores and 16 thread design. The Rui frequency can reach 5.3GHz. The multi task processing ability can make every NPC act as if they have thought. The high main frequency can make the game get higher frame number, and it has the original support for Intel WiFi 6 technology, so the online game experience is better. < p > < p > in terms of graphics card, Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight notebook adopts geforce? RTX 2080 super graphics card with max-q design. NVIDIA Turing? Architecture brings powerful ray tracing performance and support for DLSS 2.0 deep learning supersampling technology, providing better picture effects for games. The preset Rog boost overclocking engine can increase the frequency of the video card to 1330mhz with one key. Whether it is a large number of explosion effects in the game or various complex scene conversion, it can always maintain the frame number stability, so that players can gallop freely in the wilderness. < / P > < p > is undoubtedly a very easy to immerse in the game, often play for a whole day. In order to keep the powerful performance stable throughout the long-term game, Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight notebook is equipped with a new glacier cooling architecture 2.0 pro, and a new thermal grizzly violent bear liquid metal is introduced as the heat conduction medium. Compared with traditional silica gel, liquid metal can reduce the temperature of the processor by 12 ℃. At the same time, Rog also developed special internal barriers to avoid liquid metal spillage and ensure the safety of other computer components. < / P > < p > the unique AAS plus wind tunnel technology can open a 28.5mm air inlet behind the secondary screen after the A-side is opened, which can not only keep the secondary screen away from the heating area, but also inhale more cold air to enhance the heat dissipation performance. The ice wing heat dissipation fin is as thin as 0.15mm, which brings larger heat dissipation area. The double 12V dust isolation fan system with dust isolation channel design provides stronger heat dissipation effect and ensures the lasting and efficient cooling system. < / P > < p > the powerful configuration ensures the excellent picture of the game, and the dual screen design also makes it more convenient for players to play. Whether it is or other equally wonderful 3A masterpiece, choosing the Rog ice blade dual screen lightweight book can bring you a brand-new game experience! < A= https://twhosting.com/865-optimization-is-different-these-mobile-phones-should-teach-you-a-lesson/ target=_ blank>865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

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