Big shuffle time is coming! MediaTek Tianji series 5g chip

In 2019, we witnessed the arrival of 5g mobile phones. When the first 5g mobile phones came into the market, the prices were prohibitively high. This year, with the launch of 5g mobile phones, the price has gradually become more people-friendly. Even more than 1000 people can buy 5g mobile phones with good performance. According to the data released by IDC, since the third quarter of last year, the shipment of 5g mobile phones in China has increased at a very fast speed, and the prices are getting cheaper. The average unit price of 5g mobile phones has dropped from 711 US dollars to 464 US dollars, a decrease of 1700 yuan. The 5g chips of MediaTek Tianji series have played an important role in why 5g has been popularized so fast and the price has dropped so fast. Because of the appearance of MediaTek Tianji series, the first batch is equipped with Tianji 1000 plus processor iqoo Z1, and with 144hz high refresh rate screen, it takes more than 2000, which can be said to be Zhenxiang. Because of the advent of iqoo Z1, many people have different views on the chip of Lianfa, and even many netizens shout “MTK, yes”. < / P > < p > although most mobile phone manufacturers in the flagship mobile phone market still use the snapdragon 865 processor, MediaTek is more popular in the middle and high-end market. In the midrange market, the only one that snapdragon currently ships is the snapdragon 765G chip, and its performance is far behind that of the snapdragon 865. After that, with the launch of the snapdragon 768g processor in May, the market performance seemed to be poor, only one model of Hongmi was used, and the snapdragon 690 released in June has never been seen. < / P > < p > compared with Qualcomm, the layout of MediaTek is more perfect. Tianji 800 series alone has launched three chips. Tianji 720 series for the middle end also has many terminals launched. So far, MediaTek Tianji 800 series and 720 series mobile phone brands have launched mobile phones based on Tianji processor. With so many mid and high-end mobile phones released one after another, the price pressure of 5g mobile phones has naturally decreased. New product launch