Big toys for mobile games: evaluation of Rog game phone 3

With the rise of mobile game market, the game mobile phone has become the inevitable derivative product. Rog, with its keen sense of smell in the PC game field for many years, has entered the hatching of game phones very early. Rog game phones are also born because of mobile games. Now that it has gone through three iterations, what different game experiences can this Rog game phone 3 bring? It’s like buying jewelry and diamond rings. The outer packaging also reflects the quality and grade of jewelry to a certain extent. Different from most of the mobile phone’s outer packaging, the crowd tester is designed for the box, and the packaging has aroused the interest of game players. On the front is the logo of the eyes of a loser and the co branded logo of Tencent games. It can cooperate with Tencent games, the big brother of mobile games. Undoubtedly, Tencent games will bring a lot of performance optimization and exclusive benefits. < / P > < p > let’s not talk about mobile phones. This cool package can be used for a long time. Side with handle and password lock design, which also to a certain extent to improve the force of the outer packaging. < / P > < p > open the outer packing box, which is wrapped with “airdrop material” through anti-collision sponge. The evaluated version of Rog game phone 3 is the combination of aero protective case and Rog cool fan 3, which also adds some expectation for the follow-up game part. < / P > < p > this Rog game phone 3 is equipped with a 6.59 inch AMOLED symmetrical screen, and the upper and lower speakers are very suitable for holding games horizontally. Of course, the biggest feature of this screen is that it supports 144hz refresh rate, response time is only 1ms, 270Hz touch sampling rate, 25ms full link touch response and 18ms touch and chirality, which can be understood as being born for mobile games. In addition, dci-p3 high color gamut and 10 bit HDR can bring the pursuit of higher image quality. The dual certification eye protection screen with German Rhine hardware level low blue light certification and low screen flash certification will not fatigue the eyes when playing games for a long time. < / P > < p > maybe it is to bring a complete visual presentation, so the Rog game phone 3 does not adopt the design of Liu Hai screen and hole digging screen, but adopts the relative traditional front camera mode, which has higher recognition in the current mobile phone array. < / P > < p > of course, as the soul of the game phone, it must be the ultrasonic airtriggers 2×2 shoulder key on both sides. It supports user-defined single key and double key switching, and high-level operation, which greatly improves the game’s playability. < / P > < p > there is a microphone on the top of the fuselage. In fact, the Rog game phone 3 is designed with four microphones. Besides the microphone on the top, there is one under the power button on the right. Guess where are the other two? < / P > < p > there is also a microphone at the bottom, and there are microphones on all three sides, so that players can receive better no matter what holding posture they use. There is also a type-C data interface at the bottom, which supports 30W fast charging. < / P > < p > the curved glass rear panel can not only bring a smooth feel, but also bring PC level cool effect with aura magic effect. The logo on the back supports stroboscopic, color cycling and breathing lamp effects. Support call, start game, notification, charging and other trigger mechanisms. The last microphone is actually next to the flash lamp, which creates a radio effect in all directions and improves the efficiency of black communication. < / P > < p > with 64 million pixel Sony IMX 686 main camera + 13 million pixel ultra wide angle camera + 5 million pixel macro camera, will the camera quality of the game phone be reduced? It’s better to talk through the real shooting. < / P > < p > the advantage of taking photos by mobile phone compared with camera is that it is instant. Of course, this refers to sending it to friends or other social media without complicated post optimization. First of all, look at the crime of late night food. The best ingredients often only need the most simple cooking methods Do you think the colorful collocation arouses the appetite in an instant? < / P > < p > when the macro lens captures the delicious food, the photos taken are not suitable for reading at night, or it is easy to cause involuntary saliva release. If you look at the sweet and sour Hawthorn ribs, and then look at the crisp and tender fish head, the late night circle of friends in such photos is naked and hatred. < / P > < p > in addition to eating and drinking, there are more travel photos in the circle of friends, especially during the holidays, it is simply through the circle of friends to travel around the world. When shooting some large buildings, it is difficult to put them into the camera completely in the past. Many times, in order to complete the shooting as far as possible, we have to back away from the body. With the ultra wide angle lens, we don’t need these tedious operations any more. We can get a larger range of vision by switching with one button. < / P > < p > frankly speaking, for a mobile phone that mainly plays games, I really didn’t have too high expectations for its photo quality, until I took it to the aquarium, which can be called a face fight scene. I thought that the image might be blurred under weak light environment, but I didn’t expect that the details of jellyfish could be photographed very carefully, and even could be used as mobile phone wallpaper without later stage. < / P > < p > in the evening, when I came to the scenic area to take photos, the measured image quality of Rog game phone was also good, and the noise control was relatively satisfactory. Moreover, some scenes would automatically trigger the night shooting mode, making the details more gorgeous. < p > < p > in terms of hardware, the Rog game phone 3 is equipped with the most powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus 5g processor in Android camp, with a 7Nm process, and the main frequency is as high as 3.1ghz, and the performance is improved by 10%. This 12gb + 128GB version of the Angou rabbit running score reached 620000 + points, the top version is 650000, currently in the forefront of the ranking. < p > < p > lpddr5 flash memory, the speed is increased by 30%, the power consumption is reduced by 20%. Through androbench, the sequential read speed is up to 1702mb / s, and the random read speed is 266mb / s, which can be said to be quite satisfactory. < / P > < p > with strong hardware support, and then look at the software part, Rog game phone 3 is equipped with Tencent’s solar core 3.0 game acceleration engine. Tencent has customized the optimization scheme, and the game loading is faster, the network is more stable, and the delay is lower. Not only that, but also can interact with many popular Tencent games such as Wang Zhe Rong. It seems that there is an excitement of being in the Internet bar to broadcast the achievements at the high light moment. < / P > < p > as a game phone, of course, it should have its own exclusive attribute, that is, the intelligent control center-x mode. It can monitor the performance status and body temperature of the mobile phone in real time, and turn on the strongest performance mode at the same time. At the same time, it also integrates functions such as game wizard, fan, storm network acceleration, airtriggers, light effect setting, etc., which is similar to the keyboard and mouse drive on PC. < / P > < p > as a game mobile phone, the most brilliant part of Rog game phone 3 must be the game link. In order to play the delicious chicken game, many game players must have their own “physical plug-in”, such as the external physical button of chicken eating artifact or special game controller. Since the positioning is a game phone, these practical peripherals must be equipped as standard. Therefore, Rog game mobile phone 3 replaces the traditional external physical button by airtriggers2x2 shoulder key to realize the convenient operation of “physical plug-in”. In the game, swipe the left side of the screen to call out the game spirit, multi-mode and all-round game exclusive settings, such as notification shielding, call blocking, dual WiFi acceleration and other practical functions, the operation is very simple and convenient. To enable airtriggers, you just need to draw out the game engine menu from the left side of the screen and click the “airtriggers” option to call out the ultrasonic shoulder key settings. By default, both the left and right sides are triggered by “click”, and you can also select “speed skating” and “sliding” methods. < / P > < p > in the actual test, the trigger speed through the shoulder key is much faster than that by touching the screen button, such as opening a mirror or shooting a gun. Moreover, the false touch rate is lower, which can reduce unnecessary operation errors and make it easier to press the gun. < / P > < p > supports the “ultra high definition” mode. In this mode, you need to download an additional patch package to improve the image quality. There is no need to download an additional patch package to improve the image quality on other traditional mobile phones. This may also be a part of the game customization optimization. < / P > < p > through perfdog software to record the operation of the whole game. When the picture quality is set to be smooth, the frame rate can continuously and stably reach 90fps. Through the curve, it can be seen that there is no frame stuck. In this mode, the CPU consumption is only 14%, and the power consumption is relatively lower. < / P > < p > is also a gunfight game, but it supports a higher 144hz refresh rate. Similarly, through the monitoring of perfdog software, it is found that the Rog game mobile phone 3 can achieve the highest 144hz refresh rate when running the game, and from the curve point of view, the overall performance is very stable. < / P > < p > is definitely one of the games that two-dimensional players can’t miss. However, the fluency of such games is very direct for the game experience. According to the curve chart given by perfdog software, the frame rate of Rog game mobile phone 3 can be relatively stable at 60fps, and there is no frame drop in the whole game. However, careful partners should be able to find that although the installation package is much smaller than, but the running memory consumption is higher than that. It can be seen that the hardware performance is better. < / P > < p > for games like this that require a high-frequency rotating perspective, the benefits of 270Hz touch sampling rate are reflected. The smooth and smooth HD image quality can be described as silky. < / P > < p > undoubtedly supports high frame rate mode. After all special effects are turned on to the highest image quality, the measured frame rate of the whole game is relatively stable. It can almost reach the full frame rate of 60fps, and there is no frame stuck or dropped. It’s also very silky when casting with a pointing cast or by dragging the screen to change the viewing angle. < p > < p > Rog game phone 3 adopts Rog matrix liquid cooling 3.0 system to conduct heat through large graphene and large area 3D vacuum chamber soaking plate. Fins, grilles and custom aluminum alloy frames further effectively dissipate heat. The highest temperature on the right side of the camera on the back of the game was measured in nearly an hour, reaching 38.3 ℃. In addition, the metal frame used for heat dissipation can sense the heat, but compared with the heat dissipation performance of traditional mobile phones, it has improved significantly. < / P > < p > although the above cooling performance seems to be very good, it can achieve the third heat dissipation with Rog cool fan 3, and the official data can effectively reduce 4 ℃. Through the intelligent control center x mode can also set the fan speed gear, as well as the system light effect. Combined with aero protective shell, it can not only cool down, but also bring PC class aura magic effect. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that although the 3.5mm headphone hole is not reserved for the Rog game phone 3, after connecting the Rog cool fan 3, the headset can be connected through the 3.5mm headphone hole above the fan. The wired headset can bring lower delay, and the effect with Rog noise reduction headset is better. < / P > < p > after one hour temperature measurement of the above game, insert the Rog cooling fan 3 times