Big V sends a letter to trump: tiktok challenges Facebook monopoly for the first time

Trump’s plan to ban the international version of TikTok is tiktok, and TikTok’s creators and fans are “crazy.” Some people “rose up” and chanted the slogan of “save tiktok” and put it into action. Another group of well-known bloggers with a large number of fans used their influence to shout to trump to try to reverse the decision.

according to the report, on August 2, local time, nine well-known tiktok bloggers, with more than 54 million fans, published an open letter to trump on the us we media platform medium, saying that tiktok realized the interaction that social media such as Facebook and INS could never achieve, and called for capital to solve the problem of tiktok, rather than state intervention.

another well-known blogger, grandma sandy, who has 2.5 million fans, is still shouting to her fans during the live broadcast that no matter what happens in tiktok’s future, “we’ll stay as one family.”.

CNN reported that the atmosphere on tiktok platform began to become gloomy after trump announced the planned ban on July 31. Many of the original favorite dances and funny videos have disappeared. Instead, tiktok users across the United States have begun to express their concerns about the impending closure of tiktok through live or video.

many big V’s are worried about tiktok’s future. They say goodbye to their fans with tears in their faces during the live broadcast. Some also began to “shift positions”, calling on fans to pay attention to their accounts on other social platforms.

“I’ve never seen so many people discuss one thing on an app for a long time,” said Clara McCourt, 18, from New Jersey. Anika Singh, 18, of California, believes that Trump’s attempt to ban tiktok is a violation of her generation. “It feels like we’ve been deprived,” and “he doesn’t want us to speak.”.

on August 2, 9 tiktok bloggers, with more than 54 million fans, jointly published an open letter to trump on the us we media platform medium.

at the beginning of the letter, generation Z spent his childhood on the Internet, “but the Internet we came into contact with when we were young was different from that in the past. The monopoly of big Internet enterprises has made us sacrifice network neutrality and freedom of information. Facebook and Google have replaced hundreds of companies that have narrowed the world’s definition of the Internet.

they said tiktok was the first company to challenge the end of the open Internet, enabling interactions that would never be possible on sites like Facebook and ins.

“compared with the short videos full of joy and comedy on tiktok, the virtual world full of hatred on Twitter is meaningless at all.”. Instead of eliminating tiktok, they called for the opportunity to spin off and list tiktok’s U.S. business, or give it to a U.S. company to allow capital to solve the problem, rather than state intervention.

one of the co founders, V hope Stein, who has 8 million fans, also released a video to thank her fans for “changing her life.”. In the video, she first shows how her fans have grown over the years, and then she kisses her fans with tears in her eyes.

type a line on the subtitle, “although I never thought at first that someone would watch my video, now I’m with my fans. Tiktok is more than just an app, it’s a family. Each of you has changed my life and made it better.

in addition, grandma sandy, one of the most famous elderly bloggers on tiktok, also voiced her voice through live broadcast, saying that no matter what happens, tiktok users, including her, will continue to create, “we want to stay as a family.”.

Rama, 34, has nearly 400000 fans on tiktok. His video of a protest about “black people’s lives are also lives” in Minneapolis has received tens of millions of hits.

he described “tiktok is to black life what Twitter is to the Arab spring.”. He said he saw many young people posting tiktok at the scene of the protest, instead of tweeting and ins.

Ellie Zeller, 16, who has 6.3 million fans on tiktok, said Trump’s move would encourage more young people to vote against it in the general election. “I think a lot of people didn’t like trump before, so people will dislike him even more.”.

magazine reported on the 3rd that tiktok, as claimed by the United States, collects user data and sends it to the Chinese government. All these claims are unconfirmed. All social media collect a lot of data, and tiktok currently collects no more data than other social media in the United States. According to the report, what really worries the US authorities is that tiktok’s huge and rapidly growing user base may make tiktok a platform for promoting friendly publicity to China. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

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