Black and white photos are art? There are 10 big taboos don’t commit, and teach you 10 black and white photography skills

Some friends say that black and white photography is the real art! I don’t think this is absolute. After all, everyone’s evaluation criteria for art are different, which is closely related to personal knowledge, experience and knowledge. But take a good-looking black-and-white photo, it can be very artistic! < / P > < p > portrait photos are very artistic after being taken in black and white, but the front photo of portrait photos should not be taken as black and white silhouette. Black and white plus, people’s faces can not be seen clearly, which is a big taboo in portrait photography. For black and white portrait photography, if you don’t want to take facial photos, you should: < / P > < p > take some sides, so that there is light and shadow, and the figure has the outline, and the viewer is not too worried about whether the face is clear, the photo will be more artistic. < / P > < p > shooting black-and-white photos is the same as shooting other photography works. It is very important to choose the scenery. Don’t choose those scenes that are too miscellaneous and messy, too many lines and irregular. The black-and-white photos taken from such scenes will also look chaotic, and without color, the virtual and real images are not obvious, and can not highlight the flowers in the middle. However, we should simplify it as follows: < / P > < p > select a flower or a flower to shoot, and there are no other messy lines in the background, so we can use the top right corner extension composition. The simplicity of the picture can make the picture look more pure, and it can’t make the picture more pure. < / P > < p > for black-and-white photos, generally do not use black as the background. For example, in the black-and-white picture of flowers, the background is black. The flowers are only white, and there is no other color or excessive. The photo will inevitably look monotonous. The background makes people feel that it is too boring without details. In this way, it will be better to take black-and-white photos: < / P > < p > there are some light spots and gaps in the background, and the leaves in the foreground are also transparent. In this way, the photos look textured and have black and white lines, and the photos have layers at the front and back, so they are not messy and miscellaneous, so they are more beautiful. < / P > < p > in the black-and-white photo below, you can see that the part on the upper right corner to the left has been overexposed. The White has no details, and the black has no details. In this way, people will feel that the photo has great defects. If overexposure cannot be avoided in black-and-white photos, it should be as follows: < / P > < p > let the overexposed parts occupy a larger area, while the black lines only occupy a small area. In this way, people will feel that the background is relatively pure, and the photos have details, so they will not be too entangled in the overexposed parts, because the whole background has been blown out and white, on the contrary, it is relatively clean and tidy. < / P > < p > there are also some too dense scenes that are not suitable for taking black-and-white photos. For example, there are many trees. Although there are gaps in the middle, the photos will inevitably look messy. The black-and-white photo series will have a large area of black, on the contrary, there can be a large area of white, because black and white in black-and-white photos make people feel cleaner. If we take pictures of trees, we can make them into black-and-white photography works as follows: < / P > < p > choose a single tree to shoot, or just shoot the tree crown and leave a blank above the crown. This photo looks full of details and simple. < / P > < p > we can also take some shadows of the ground in our daily life. This kind of natural black-and-white photos may look more beautiful, but the focus should be solid. Compared with the following photos, the appearance is obviously fuzzy, while the ground is clear, which is caused by the lack of focus. < / P > < p > black and white photos are not suitable to have a large black at all times. For example, in the following black-and-white photo, the foreground is black, and the background is also black. In the large picture, only a few clouds are white, which makes the details look very bad, and the black one gives people a bad impression. In the following picture of a swan, < / P > < p > the black and white background is used as a contrast. A white swan on the black background is in sharp contrast with the black background. Even a large black photo, it seems simple, concise and has great tension. < / P > < p > the following photo also uses black-and-white contrast and dynamic and static contrast. Black is a piece, there are many, each form small dots, white is a white background, more and less contrast, black and white contrast, dynamic and static contrast, make the photo full of vitality, full of tension, full of impact. < / P > < p > black and white photos should also pay attention to composition. For example, in the reflection photo of the boat, the black one on the right is unnecessary, and the boat is unbalanced. The scenery on the left side is obviously more than that of the photo. The whole picture looks chaotic and has no structure, which is a complete failure. < / P > < p > and the black-and-white photo below, through reflection, makes the photo look neat by using good up-down symmetry. There are more on the right side and less on the left side, but the left side is not in space, forming a good contrast between more and less. Although the left and right sides seem to be heavy, the balance between the upper and lower sides emphasizes stability. < / P > < p > when you take a black-and-white picture of outdoor scenery, you should pay attention not to take it at noon on a sunny day. During this period, it is easy to overexpose the photo locally, and the details of the light part are very poor. You can avoid this time. Weather: < / P > < p > black and white photos generally do not have colors. For example, the following warm black and white photo is not good-looking from my point of view. If you want color, it is recommended to consider local color, through the background of the whole black and white and local color to form a contrast, so that the main body of the photo is more prominent, the theme is more obvious. 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