Black and white photos are as simple as turning to black and white? It’s so learned!

If a neutral filter is used under black and white, then the black and white presentation of various colors in the photo is relatively neutral and mediocre. There’s nothing too bright or too dark.

in fact, we can see their differences from their names. For example, neutral means that the contrast between light and shade is mediocre, while bright is the highlight style, and the dark style is the dark style.

if it is adjusted to black and white, because the books are very white, the girls’ faces will be quite dark and dirty. As the main body, the dark color gives people a feeling of adduction.

and by using the selection of contrast mode, we can also determine the degree of light and shade contrast in photos. If some photos are for the purpose of depicting light and shade and depicting contrast, then using high contrast mode will make the picture more powerful. Skip to content