BOC Huawei mate40 will be released in 5 days, the price is basically determined!

In the past week, there have been a lot of topics around apple and Huawei mobile phones. The new iphone12 and Huawei mate40 have all started pre-sale. Although Huawei mate40 comes a little later, it does not affect its popularity. Huawei’s offline retail stores are also overcrowded, and many groups of photos have been sent online. This year, there are not a few customers queuing up to buy Huawei’s mate40 series. Considering that four models will be released at the same time, we will have more choices. According to the data, Huawei mate40 series started pre-sale at 0:00 on October 21, and one east platform sold out in 28 seconds, so did other platforms! < / P > < p > it has to be said that this year, everyone’s enthusiasm for phone change is too high, and the fruit powder on the other side is the same. They rush to buy iphone12, and the number of appointments in the first week has exceeded one million. According to my observation, many post-80s users will prefer to buy domestic Huawei mate40 series. They generally have more purchase budget, and they are more willing to support domestic mobile phones and buy IP Most of the iPhone 12 series are mainly young people, who pay more attention to the performance of the phone, especially after seeing the colorful color of the iPhone 12, they also regard apple as the preferred brand. In the high-end mobile phone market, 90% of users will still buy Apple or Huawei! < p > < p > currently, the iPhone 12 is in the process of pre-sale, and the prices of the four mobile phones have been disclosed. The most popular version is the iPhone 12. Its starting price is 6299 yuan, which is more expensive than most domestic mobile phones. Huawei mate40 is released in advance in overseas markets, but the version of the Bank of China is scheduled to be released in five days, that is, the countdown time is five days. The price of Huawei mate40 series of domestic version is set to be released Lattice has been exposed for the first time. It mainly refers to the speculation made by Huawei mate pricing in previous dynasties, and it has certain reference value. According to the quotation list, the starting price of Huawei mate40 is estimated to be between 4499 and 4999 yuan, which can be said that the starting price of Huawei mate 40 is not increased! < / P > < p > different from Huawei mate40pro, the basic version of Huawei mate40 uses the reduced Kirin 9000e chip, which is also based on the 5nm process, but its performance is not as good as that of Kirin 9000. Huawei mate40 adopts a single hole curved screen design, which does not support IP68 grade waterproof. It is a big surprise to support 90hz high-speed screen design, so it is more in line with public consumption! Another Huawei mate40 Pro is much more expensive. The price is expected to be between 6499 yuan and 6999 yuan. I think the credibility is still very high. After all, the iPhone 12 will cost 6299 yuan this year. It is reasonable to configure a more powerful Huawei mate40 pro to meet the psychological needs of high-end users! < p > < p > as for Huawei mate40 PRO + and Huawei mate40 RS, BOC is sky high. The starting price is 7999 yuan, and the top configuration is not only 13000 yuan. Ordinary users can ignore it! As the best model of Kirin chip, Huawei mate40 series also pays high attention to it. Its score data also appears in foreign scoring software. To live up to expectations, the multi-core score data of Qilin 9000 chip surpasses that of snapdragon 865 + and Samsung exynos1080, and its AI computing power is also the first in the world. After Huawei mate40 Pro starts its performance mode, its multi-core score exceeds that of iPhone 11 pro Max, the strongest mobile processor in China, is a milestone for domestic mobile phones. < p > < p > Yu Chengdong also made a commitment. He said that Huawei mate40 Pro can achieve 36 months without a card. He pointed out that Huawei is building the third generation 5g mobile phone, which is far ahead of its friends in terms of strength! Finally, the author gives his own opinion. Considering that Huawei mate40 is still powerful in terms of fast charging, appearance and performance, and the mobile phone photo taking technology has reached the ceiling, the basic version is most worth starting with. If it is not short of money, you can consider buying a high-end Huawei mate40 Pro, as for which one is better than the iPhone 12, it depends on everyone’s preferences. After all, everyone’s habits and preferences are different. What do you think? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine