Bonkers exposed the multi angle appearance of the new iPhone 12

Although the launch of the iPhone 12 series may be delayed this year, it does not prevent the third-party accessory manufacturers from making preparations for the launch of new models. These manufacturers can usually get the detailed appearance and size parameters of new products in advance.

today, in a blog promoting the peripheral accessories of the iPhone 12 series, Bangke official micro exposed the appearance rendering of the new iPhone 12, which is basically consistent with the appearance previously disclosed by all parties.

the new model still adopts the full-scale bangs screen, and compared with previous generations, the width of the front bangs does not seem to have any change. The four borders of the screen look very narrow, but it can not be 100% sure because of the rendering. Of course, the biggest change is that the middle frame adopts the flat design similar to that of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, and there is a classic regression of the past.

and the three cameras on the back maintain the same design as the iPhone 11 Pro Series. According to the current information about the specifications of the iPhone 12 series camera, the three camera model in the figure belongs to the iPhone 12 Pro Series.

in addition to various protective films and protective shells, bonkers also launched a quick charging package for the rumored new iPhone may not be equipped with a charging head as standard. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia