Both default? If the news is true, Huawei’s next generation chips and mobile phones are stable!

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 12, Huawei’s mate40 series has finally arrived. After watching Huawei’s conference, the Chinese are mostly mixed. It is very difficult for Huawei mate40 series to maintain its previous level in such an unfavorable situation because of the lack of chip supply and blocked supply of parts. Worry is that the mobile phone will be the shortest in Huawei’s flagship, and perhaps the last high-end one. It is necessary that everyone is very clear. Because of the policy of the United States, TSMC and many chip manufacturers are unable to provide Huawei with the source of goods. This will lead to the possibility that the products of mate40 series will no longer be able to use Kirin 9000 chips. Huawei will not be able to develop and produce more advanced chips to supply the next generation of models. It is a little comforting to be relieved that this does not affect Huawei’s main business, base station, which is the foundation of Huawei’s life and can experience the highest level of technology of Huawei. Recently, it has been reported that Huawei has accumulated many chips needed for 5g base station construction before the US policy adjustment, which can be maintained by 2021 at least. It has been revealed that Huawei has made large-scale production of 5g base station chips since the end of 19. Before the policy adjustment, TSMC has made more than 2 million Tiangang chips and delivered them to Huawei. As of February this year, Huawei has obtained 91 orders for 5g base station. According to calculation, the 5g Tiangang chip currently reserved by Huawei is enough to meet 14 months of use, and at least it can provide base station construction service to domestic operators in 2021. Only, Huawei and TSMC have not made public response to this, so it is true and false that it is still to be tested. However, if the two news are true, Huawei will be stable. As a result, this number of sky Gang chips can help Huawei through this difficult period. After all, in the past few years, China core international has just announced that it can produce FinFET n+1 chip, which can be comparable to 7Nm chip of TSMC, but it has not yet achieved mass production, and it is unable to solve the current difficulties for Huawei, and it is also subject to some restrictions. With the international economy, many European and American technology enterprises are facing a recession. In the big environment, it may bring a loose supply environment for Huawei, and the restrictions will be gradually relaxed. In addition, Huawei also invests in chip manufacturing. In this way, Huawei’s 5g business plan will not only delay, but also mobile phone chips will be settled. Recently, Huawei’s recruitment plan has been exposed, with more than 40 posts in response to the requirements, covering almost all the sub positions in the whole semiconductor R & D field. For example, materials, framework and process technology are all increasing the recruitment of talents. It is not difficult to see that Huawei is carrying the expectations of 1.4 billion people in China and is transforming the dilemma into a driving force. Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s president, once said that the most painful lesson Huawei has learned in chip development is to design only. Therefore, there is a large-scale recruitment of semiconductor related talents today, which means that Hayes is in the transformation and developing towards the omnipotent companies in the semiconductor field. In the face of difficulties, Huawei can only improve its own technology, as the great man said: backward is to be beaten. Only by mastering the technology in our own hands can we hold our heads up and be fearless of the enemy. For us, there may be no ability to help Huawei, but we can chop it down and buy a Huawei wireless charger to store power for mobile phones anytime and anywhere. It is like giving Huawei chips an early pass through difficulties and leading Chinese enterprises to rise in semiconductor research field! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?