Breaking the stereotype of business book

For a long time, when it comes to business books and office books, most people’s first impression will be like this – heavy fuselage, weak performance, backward appearance and exorbitant price. It can be said that almost everyone will not recommend such products to others. However, nothing in this world is unchangeable. Not long ago, Dell updated its vostro achievement series product line and introduced 2020 brand-new products. The whole series is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core standard voltage processor, which has attracted my attention.

the fuselage of the new Dell achievement 7000 adopts all metal design, which is full of weight on the hand. However, all sides, edges and corners are polished very carefully. Even at the most sharp rotating shaft, there is no case of hand cutting. A side in the light from different angles, will show different colors, feel very texture.

although it is an all metal fuselage, the weight of the whole machine is well controlled. Taking the machine in my hand as an example, the weight is only about 1.9kg. Considering the configuration of standard pressure processor + unique display, it is completely acceptable.

Perhaps thanks to the metal material of the body, the screen can be opened by one hand. When you open it, you can see that the new Dell achievement 7000 has a 15.6-inch screen with three narrow sides. The specific parameters are: IPS panel, 1080p resolution, 300 nit maximum brightness, 100% sRGB gamut. The top is equipped with a camera, with manual occlusion function, to ensure the security of privacy.

at the same time, it can also be noted that this machine is equipped with a full-size keyboard, which is very rare in business books. The convenience can only be said that people who have used it can understand ~ correspondingly, the touch panel has been moved to the left position to facilitate the right hand to operate the small keyboard. The touch panel is made of glass, which makes it feel smooth, accurate positioning and moderate pressure.

However, for a 15.6-size notebook, the disadvantages of a full-size keyboard are obvious. The keyboard keys are small in size, and some keys are rectangular.

it is worth mentioning that a row of cooling holes across the fuselage is arranged at the top of the C plane. As anyone who has used a notebook knows, this location is a serious disaster area for notebook heating. Therefore, this design is also very practical. Although the area is small, it is certainly better than none.

there is also a very clever design for the rotating shaft. The prominent parts at the bottom of the screen will lift the fuselage to a certain angle after opening, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the fuselage.

Finally, look at the bottom. Large area heat dissipation holes are provided at the CPU and graphics card positions. A long rubber anti-skid foot pad at the rotating shaft and the anti-skid foot pads on the left and right sides below can ensure the smooth visiting of the fuselage. The speaker is moved to both sides, which can reflect the plane when playing. With Dell’s maxxaudio PRO system, the experience is quite good.

in terms of interface, two USB 3.2 type-A interfaces, a full-function lightning 3 type-C interface, a mircosd slot, an HDMI 2.0 interface, a power jack and a 3.5mm headphone jack are equipped on both sides of the fuselage. On the whole, although the number is not very large, it is rich enough to meet most of the use requirements and avoid the trouble of carrying the docking station.

the CPU of this machine is Intel’s 10th generation core i7-10750h processor, which adopts comet Lake architecture and 14nm technology. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, the reference frequency is 2.6GHz, the maximum frequency is 5.0ghz, and the tertiary cache is 12MB.

as a 6-core standard voltage processor of mobile terminal, Intel i7-10750h not only provides strong performance, but also has only 45W TDP, desktop performance and mobile power consumption.

in terms of graphics card, this notebook is equipped with an NVIDIA 1650ti video card, 12NM technology, 4GB ddr6 memory, and 128bit wide video memory, which is also an old face hole in this generation of performance class notebook. However, this version uses the core of tu117 new architecture, and supports the latest nvenc decoder based on Turing architecture. The efficiency of playing HD video is improved by 15%, which can further reduce the consumption of CPU and memory resources.

this 1650ti video card has fully released its overall performance, and has given full play to its due strength, and from the result of running points, it is far beyond other business office notebooks on the market. In this way, the running speed of professional software such as video editing and graphic design can be greatly improved, and the productivity can be further improved.

since they are equipped with independent graphics cards, many people must want to know what level of entertainment performance this notebook is. Let’s test it with a few 3A games.

we can see that under 1080p image quality, 7500 achievements can run smoothly for the mainstream 3A games. There is no obvious frequency reduction due to overheating, and 4GB video memory is enough.

in addition to CPU and graphics card, memory and hard disk are also very important configuration when people choose notebook in recent years. I was a little worried about the performance of the laptop memory because it was in the form of onboard + socket, but soon the test results dispelled my worries.

this 1TB solid-state hard disk is from Hynix, with a reading speed of 2080.09mb/s and a writing speed of 1384.85mb/s, with a total score of 3833, fully meeting the high-speed requirements of daily loading and file transmission.

the earliest use of standard pressure processors in mobile terminals began with game books and workstation products. However, this is because the size of the molds for game books and workstations is often large, and it is not necessary to take into account factors such as portability and endurance. Since last year, the use of standard pressure processor non game products. This is because of the diversification of today’s office scene, the work content is not limited to document processing, sending and receiving e-mail, and so on, so it also needs a more powerful notebook to be competent. In addition, it is suitable for software developers, photographers and creative workers.

the appearance of the new Dell achievement 7000 notebook adopts business style design, and carries hardware comparable to the nature of the game, but the weight is controlled within the scope of enough portability, which changes the inherent impression that the performance of the so-called business and office books is weak. Throughout the current market, this notebook positioning is very accurate, there are almost no competing products of the same kind. The performance of the laptop is not portable enough. Compared with the portable notebook, the performance difference is too much.

in addition, according to the official introduction, the notebook also has 14 military standard certification, and can be equipped with 97wh high-capacity battery, which can provide a whole day’s battery life without worrying about finding power supply. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia