Breaking the upper limit of mobile phone self shooting, vivo S7 hands on experience: full of professionalism

Although today’s smart phones have excellent imaging functions, and even some models have reached the professional level, most manufacturers focus on the rear camera, and there are few upgrades on the front self timer. However, the “vivo S7” is a “different type”. In the case of powerful post photo taking, this machine makes the front self shooting ability professional, and truly realizes the “mobile phone comprehensive image experience”. Moreover, even the famous star Lisa was attracted by vivo S7 and became a member of the S7 family, which shows the excellent product quality of the machine. < / P > < p > then, how strong is the self portrait strength of vivo S7? First of all, the machine adopts a new front dual camera professional imaging system, which are: 44 million pixel super clear main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, the overall strength can be said to be very strong. At the same time, thanks to the outstanding hardware configuration of vivo S7, the machine has become one of the 5g mobile phones with the highest front camera pixels in the industry. The most important thing is that in order to further improve the self shooting performance, vivo S7 also adds the “phase detection auto focusing technology” used on the SLR camera, which realizes the fast focusing effect of the front lens self shooting, and brings more excellent and stable imaging performance. < / P > < p > as shown in the sample picture below, it is obtained by taking a self shot with vivo S7, from which we can clearly see. The quality of the whole picture is very high, and the picture is very clear. Even the hair scattered on the head of the young lady is also very clear. In addition, vivo S7 also has a good beauty effect on the self portrait, which makes the little sister’s facial features look very delicate, including the makeup and skin quality of the characters. But what I like most is that the self portrait effect of vivo S7 looks very natural and real. It’s not as hard as some mobile phones. It’s no wonder that many netizens have said that since using vivo S7 selfie, they can’t go back. < / P > < p > in addition, it is surprising that vivo S7 also maintains a high-quality self portrait effect in the face of severe dark light environment, as shown in the following sample. The original dark shooting environment did not affect the vivo S7. The camera still clearly and brightly presented the scene in front of the camera perfectly. Especially for the performance of the characters, vivo S7 makes a very appropriate picture highlight, so as to show the beauty of more details of the little sister, which is very commendable. For the users who like to take pictures at night, vivo S7 can undoubtedly bring great help to selfie. < / P > < p > in general, vivo S7 is really outstanding in terms of self portrait performance. It can be said that it can meet the needs of a large number of users. It enables the mobile phone to have powerful post camera, and at the same time, it also brings professional self portrait performance. Maybe this is the main reason why most people like vivo S7. But if you have different opinions, please discuss them together. New product launch