Breaking through the blockade of black shark and red devil, Lenovo’s first E-sports mobile phone breaks the game like this: real live mobile phone?

In the past two days, after the official release of Lenovo’s first product in the field of game phones, Lenovo’s savior E-sports mobile phone pro, it seems that there are signs of “word-of-mouth turning” in public opinion. Since 2014, the management of lenovo mobile phone has changed several times. After Chang Cheng left in 2019, lenovo mobile phone seems to have been out of people’s sight. Even if people know that Lenovo has a very priority advantage before 5g comes, that is, it has a close and good relationship with Qualcomm, it can always obtain the support of the other party and obtain the top core in the first time The “right to start a film.”.

so, what are Lenovo’s ambitions hidden in such a product? What expectations does it give to this product? Let’s read it together.

compared with the all-weather player type mobile phones launched by various manufacturers in the past two years, the positioning of Lenovo’s savior E-sports Pro mobile phone is very pure, and it faces only three or two competitors. You may think that Lenovo has actually grasped “quite accurate”, but after you list the pure E-sports brands, you will find that it is not so easy to continue to share the cake Because it is as pure as it is famous: Black Shark, Red Devils and ASUS Rog. The former two have always taken the route of extreme cost-effectiveness to attract users, while the latter has been famous for their faith. How can they stand out?

from the design point of view, the pro of Lenovo rescuer’s E-sports mobile phone can’t escape from the fixed framework of “E-sports elements”: for example, various cool color matching, bizarre light changing patterns, etc., such as the large Y-shaped logo used from the Lenovo savior brand, and the self-defined light effect language, etc., they are not out of the inherent design category of E-sports mobile phones– At least it is the common cognition of E-sports mobile phones.

for example, although the visual design of the back of the rescue eSports mobile phone Pro is very angular, the actual edge transition of the fuselage tends to be the smooth transition of the red devil 5S, that is, the vision is cool, but it is comfortable to hold. This ensures that it has both the cool visual beauty of E-sports and the comfort of holding, and adheres to the attempt of “people-oriented” in the design.

for example, it has made the industry’s first design of lifting and photographing the center line position, which is completely different from the traditional built-in or vertical lifting design, and is at least second to none in terms of identification. After the concept of full screen, although the existence of the front camera has always been erratic, or the front water drops are built-in, or the holes are dug in the left, middle and right, or even the top of the front or side is up and down, but they have not left the vertical screen design. When Lenovo rescuer E-sports pro, this inherent framework has been broken. Lenovo has given the definition of this design as: one is for the game player to hold the horizontal screen Secondly, in order to meet the convenience of E-sports live bloggers in their daily work, are there any innovations?

but from what I know, the assumption is good, and the structure itself is not a problem. Even when it is lifted, it is very sci-fi. It is only true that such a central line front lift is not so good in live broadcasting. It is said that this front camera head can only capture the nostrils or half of the face of the live broadcast broadcaster in real operation. You want to get good results It’s very difficult to guarantee the comfort of holding! This may be one of the make complaints about user evaluation.

for example, in the interface design of the Savior E-sports pro, for the first time, has tried two type-C ports to realize high-speed dual charging: one is the traditional bottom design, the other is the horizontal placement, so as to obtain the maximum 90W super flash charging efficiency. This kind of design is really innovative enough to effectively improve the efficiency of charging, but also increase the recognition, right! If the user horizontal screen game can also pull out the bottom of the charging port, only retain the horizontal charging line, so as to achieve a more comfortable charging side game effect.

in addition, there is not much room for other design aspects of the whole mobile phone, including the application of a lot of symmetrical design styles on the back, including the design of dual channel stereo speaker with front facing design, and even the design of 4 microphones at the bottom and both sides of the body, etc., right! There are also ultrasonic game touch keys on both sides of the fuselage frame, which also provides better multi finger control experience for E-sports users.

conclusion: from the design point of view, Lenovo has great expectations for its own mobile phone, including the cool color matching and light effect application of E-sports wind, including the unique design of live broadcast style created by the center line lifting camera, and even the double camera structure design of the rear central position, all of which are designed to let users recognize its “horizontal holding” It also ensures the comfort of holding. However, the design of all these can not get rid of the exploration tendency of “crossing the river by feeling the stone”. Can the end user’s approval of these designs exceed the expectation? It also depends on whether the actual experience is as good as imagined. Of course, such an exploratory attitude is worth affirming!

in terms of hardware, the reasons planted in the previous two years have finally achieved the “fruit” of Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone pro. Although its parameters and architecture are not different from those of the standard Qualcomm snapdragon 865 in terms of parameters and architecture, its performance is improved by 10% directly due to the 300 MHz frequency increase of its super large core. At least, it has obtained the “first right” of this chip It’s a big advantage, isn’t it?

in addition, this mobile phone is equipped with lpddr5 + UFS 3.1 as standard, and the top configuration is as high as 16 + 512gb, which is enough for the snapdragon 865 Plus has fully played its own strength; in terms of screen, Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone Pro uses a 6.65 inch AMOLED screen and supports an ultra-high refresh rate of 144hz. It has reached a new peak in terms of chirality and game delay. To be frank, such a match should be the top configuration for the same type of products from friends before the end of this year.

in order to give full play to the full strength of this “plus” 5g chip, Lenovo has also equipped this mobile phone with a dual liquid cooling cooling cooling design, also known as ATA next generation central cooling architecture design. Regardless of the actual effect, this is named this Lenovo and learned the essence! And look at Lenovo’s confident posture, this set of cooling system will not be a false name.

in the aspect of game customization, Lenovo has also brought the game space design of “savior field” and “one button supernatural” button design for the rescuer E-sports mobile phone pro, which optimizes the experience of the mobile phone in different game scenes in detail, which is also a conventional practice.

in terms of charging and service life, Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone Pro has a 5000mAh large battery built in and uses the 90W dual charging port design mentioned above. The charging efficiency can’t be said, and 5000mAh is also a proper top configuration of the e-sports mobile phone. Even if the optimization is poor, but the capacity value is here, it must not be very weak.

conclusion: on the whole, Lenovo has made a “recapitalization” in terms of hardware for this mobile phone. With the launch of the Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus, and no matter how Lenovo’s software strength is, the hardware is really enough. At least, at the price of 3499 yuan, ordinary users don’t have much to say.

from the design point of view, Lenovo is trying to be “different” in many aspects so as to be able to take a share in the field of e-sports game mobile phones, including the 90W super flash charging design created by dual charging ports, including the trial of E-sports anchor function brought by the front lifting of the middle line, etc. even if there are small defects, it can not be denied that Lenovo has tried after carefully weighing these aspects; In terms of hardware performance, Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone pro, in addition to bringing the heat lead through the first launch of Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus, also tries to stack the hardware collocation to the current “ceiling” as much as possible. With the price of 3499 yuan, it will be invincible at least at the beginning of the “war” in the second half of the year!

of course, is the live E-sports mobile phone really a plus item? Is dual type-C cumbersome or really innovative design? In the end, it’s up to time to prove it. At least, Lenovo’s way to break the game is still commendable.

Author: zmhuaxia